20 thoughts on “WoT: Chieftain Mk. 6 is Being Tested on EU Servers

  1. I really hope PC finally gets the Chieftain soon. Feels like it’s been teased forever. We’ve had the Mk. 6 on Console for years now and it fits in nicely. It should do the same on PC.

  2. What worries me is even if it’s greenlit for release (about damn time) it won’t replace Super Conqueror as it should but it’ll be some dumbass prize (like Carro 45t) because WG has to bribe players to play their secondary game modes.

    1. Yeah, they could make another british heavy line tree, but instead…
      Have you somethin against SConq? I think its a great, fun to play with and not toxic to play against tank and even !balanced tank…

      1. Super Conqueror is very toxic IMHO, even post-nerf. It’s not the monster it was for so long which is a good start but it’s still near-invulnerable to face if its driver covers the turret ring (very easy to do farther than point blank range and hulldown) and despite having a cupola it’s so stupidly armored it’s no weakspot at all.

        I’m not surprised you think it’s “fun to play” with how strong it is, and I really disagree with SC being called “not toxic” and “balanced”.

        1. OK, thats your opinion, in my opinion its good as it is now, I never was frustrated to play against it, really…

        2. Kran in its prime was stupid and frustrating to play against + when the player raised gun to hide cupolas 😀 that was over 😀 (now its nerfed to the ground)…

          1. Oh, Kranvagn was and to an extent still is very toxic to face due to its ridiculous frontal armor. However Kranvagn is also a tank restrained by terrible gun handling (a major weakness in a game where snapshotting is important) and low premium ammo penetration (IIRC it has 300 pen HEAT, not much for Tier 10), whereas Super Conqueror has no such downsides.

    2. And look at the camo on that image, it looks like some Onslaught theme… Maybe new reward for onslaught? (I dont think so).

      1. Or the supertester had spare camos from onslaught and the tank has nothing to do with the mode.

        The fact is, we don’t the distribution method at all

  3. If only there was a tier 8 like the Nemesis or a tier 9 like the Chieften Proto that could be used for a small alternate UK HT line 🤔

    Guess it’ll be en exclusive reward tank that only the 1% will get despite how requested it is

  4. This thing will end up being another Assembly Shop tank.

    That’s just a much better way to monetize it compared to making it a CW reward or whatever else.
    Typical WG moves.

    Consider there are S.Conq and E5 in the game as techtree tanks, this thing is entirely skippable unless they buff it to the fcking moon.

    1. I remember years ago i read the commet that said ‘we will only receive chieftain once the game is near its end’… seeing this post and the over-all state of the game i firmly believe that individual was right.

      Chieftain will spark the server numbers for a while, make those long awaiting players happy for a few weeks and then everything slowly returns to normal. Maybe even accelerate things.

      1. People who are complaining about this track is OP or that tank is OP are wasting their time.
        WG and half the players don’t care and it’s never going to be changed.

      2. That “near its end” might be half a decade or even more consider how much profit WoT is currently making for WG, so I’m not really sure about that.

        In case you don’t know, the Chieftain Mk.6 in the current game is not what it was years ago.
        If they put it in the game 8 years earlier, that gun would make people scream because how broken it was.

        But, yeah, a very big BUT, everything has gotten so much faster and more accurate.
        The Chieftain Mk.6 still has an extremely good gun, arguably even the best gun among all tier 10 HTs, but its platform is so mediocre that it’s hardly considered a true HT anymore.
        In other words, it still can perform in hands of experienced players, but it’s far from broken as it was.

        What can a tank that has practically no impact in the meta do to the game? Absolutely nothing.

        1. Sure dude, weegee making more money than ever before because some veteran players dont grasp the concept of sunken cost fallacy.

          There are some people who have spent way too much and are now financially invested in the game, therefore wanting it to last as long as possible.

          After all: what is your gold, prem acc, and prem tanks worth once the servers close?

          There is an incentive to be milked by weegee at this point and people willingly hand over their money for some questionable pay2play entertainment.

          I dont care about chieftain and meta changes. Or the next assembly shop tank. This game really has no soul anymore. And people notice.

          Increase your effy, collect them all – i dont care.

          Just sad, because i really really cared for the fun of the game.

          1. Desperation for an end.

            Describe to me, please, what this game lost. What is that, like feel or some mechanics? What is that soul that was taken, in your opinion? 

            I got the same feel when playing in the 2010s or 2020s. It just gets more competitive. New players have a hard time if they don’t open their wallets, I think.

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