WoT Supertest: Felice

The Felice, a Tier IX Italian medium tank, to the Supertest. This tank has some unique engineering features. It is based on the Prototipo-6 design but has a modified turret from a Controcarro-related version.

This change allows it to take advantage of a 127 mm Cannone Da 127 gun, which deals an impressive 490 HP of damage per shot and has 268 mm of penetration with a standard shell!

Besides its powerful gun, the Felice has new armor plates that greatly improve its durability. However, these modifications have reduced its mobility, which is a fair trade-off for the increased power. The Felice also has a good view range of 390 meters and a gun depression angle of -8 degrees. This makes it effective at using terrain to its advantage, meaning it can be very challenging for enemies to attack.

13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Felice

    1. It’s such a weird classing. There’s really no question that it should be a hull-down heavy tank

  1. Looks unfun as hell to face, give it 150-200 more hitpoints (without touching anything else) and it can easily be a heavy tank.

  2. This gun is exactly what we have on the Rinocceronte, but as a single-shot variant. And yeah, by all means this should be a HT with such an insane turret.
    I think this tank will be next year’s BP reward simply because it’s so much more different than everything else we have in the Italian tech tree. After all, BP tanks are usually the weirdos out there – Cobra, Char Futur, Kunze Panzer, K-91 PT, KPz 3 07 HK, TT-130M, TS-60 are all very non-typical. I see this Felice among these vehicles.

    1. > next year’s BP reward

      Good call, it’s a Tier 9 tank so it qualifies for the role.

  3. As soon as you thought the game has got a bit better with the announcement of the new Crew system, they slapped you in the face with this.

    The MM is not fcked up enough so they have to put in another MT that is practically a HT to mess it up even more.

    This is the exact reason why the game is getting worse and worse.

    The entire classing system of the game is fcking outdated due to the ever increasing amount of these abominations.

    1. Class system would be fine if WG didn’t twist it around so often.

      Felice is for all intents and purposes a heavy tank yet it’s classed as a medium (why play another Tier 9 heavy when Felice exists?), lots of “tank destroyers” should be heavy tanks, and so on.

      I don’t think there is anything that can be done, heavy tanks are the easiest class in the game and attract many players. WG obviously knows and their actions show said knowledge.

      1. Of course there so many things that can be done. For example: how about ditching the entire class system of the game and giving tanks something called “purpose” instead?
        Then reworking the MM will be so much easier.

        It’s just WG now is so fcking lazy and greedy. They barely do something that actually makes the game better because they’re so busy making loot boxes as everybody knows.

        About HTs being the easiest class in the game, I’m not really sure about that.
        Some are actually insanely easy to play because of how broken they are.
        Some others are very difficult to make them work, not because they are underpowered, but because they have proper weaknesses that make it difficult to get the fullest of their potentials.

        I would say, HTs are the most engaging class, because you almost always fight other tanks head on.
        That’s what people play tank games for, isn’t it?

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