WoT RU Battle Pass Season 14: “Panzerbarracuda” 3D Style for E 50 Ausf. M

“So, well, our German… swims? I think, yes. I read so many things related to sea adventures, and constantly came across the need for some kind of water support. If only Wells had included him in his novel, you see, it would have been easier to fight with tripods. Or Pikul. Was there something marine about Pikul? Well, of course, a convoy… Or I’ll return you to \”20,000 Leagues Under the Sea\”. Just in case. And what about Novikov-Priboi in his “Tsushima”… I wish I had a company of such vehicles against the Japanese squadron. And this was also really how the course of history would turn around. \”GOST detachment near Tsushima\” – yes, in all the headlines of the world’s newspapers. Yes, but history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, so the amphibious German naval tank will remain in my sketches. Although, in general, everything is logical. The Germans belong at the bottom. You just need to call it meaner. That’s how they do it.”

Style ID 31123, non-historical

9 thoughts on “WoT RU Battle Pass Season 14: “Panzerbarracuda” 3D Style for E 50 Ausf. M

  1. I dont want 3d-Styles, i want 3D-Camos!
    This E 50 M 3D Style is fantasy crap (Not as bad as Turles, but…)

    1. settings -> general -> display of customization elements in battle -> historical
      don’t know why so many of you shitters complain about 3d styles when this exists

  2. Fck, now I’m jealous with RU players. Not only they get good balance changes, but also a lot of good styles.

    Meanwhile, WG is busy making more lootboxes.
    I haven’t played the game for 2 months already.

        1. So… if people praise Lesta for their good work, unlike WG, you think they praise Russia and president Putin… What a f-ing moron you are! Please, commit the uninstallment of your life, pro-ua bot!

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