WoT RU Battle Pass Season 14: “Krechet” 3D Style for M-V-Y

“Well, here we definitely need everything about flying. I was leafing through these American magazines, and there was no one there. And they definitely fly! They became fixated on their flights. As if this is the main superhero ability. No, to raise the red flag over Berlin – these are real superheroes, you don’t even need to invent anything, history has already shown everything. And not these bored rich people in masks with rubber ears. Okay, I’ll play along. Since the tank is American, it will be a typical American stereotype. But this is only on paper. A tribute to fashion, or something… But I’ll relegate him to a secondary role in the plot, there’s no point in him drawing all the attention to himself, not at home.”

Style ID 31126, non-historical

2 thoughts on “WoT RU Battle Pass Season 14: “Krechet” 3D Style for M-V-Y

    1. This tank already looks funky enough (even though it’s a real Cold War project), a funky skin won’t do any harm.

      I would call the Ninja Turtles skins “clown” though, WG really went too far with those. Good thing the D-Day skins are coming soon.

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