WoT: “Jatkosota HS” 2D Style 

All-season style with elements of the mysterious Jatkosota HS. Purchasable from a special Girls und Panzer package.

• Unique marks

Jatkosota HS –
Jatkosota is a small school known for its Finnish philosophy. Despite its small size and lack of endless resources compared to more famous schools, her sensha-do club is not inferior in training to even the most serious rivals. The school’s students prefer fast techniques in order to flank the enemy, take them by surprise and force close combat. In addition, this technique is extremely effective in snowy conditions.

Non-historical. Suitable for equipment of any nation and level. Group: Special.  ID: 926.

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    1. Joke’s on you, the Finnish school is from the 2015 movie, well before Finland got a neo-nazi government and became an alt right cesspool.

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