WoT: “Kuromorimine School” 2D Style 

All-season style with elements of the prestigious Kuromorimine school. Purchasable from a special Girls und Panzer package.

• Unique marks

Kuromorimine School –
The Kuromorimine School is a prestigious educational institution renowned for its unsurpassed tank training. The local sensha-do club, under the command of Maho Nishizumi, follows the canon of the Nishizumi family tank school, which is based on the German principles of tank warfare: strategy, precision and iron discipline to achieve victory at any cost. Later, Maho went to Germany to study, and Erica became the new team commander, who began to gradually change the principles of tank training at school.

Non-historical. Suitable for equipment of any nation and level. Group: Special.  ID: 925.

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