WoT Supertest: SDP wz 66 Grom

The SDP wz 66 Grom (or simply Grom), a Polish Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer. This mighty TD is designed for close combat, akin to its Tech Tree counterparts.

With decent armor, where most plates are at rational inclination angles, the Grom boasts formidable defensive capabilities. Powered by a robust 750 h.p. engine, it maintains an impressive power-to-weight ratio, achieving speeds of up to 40 km/h forward and 15 km/h in reverse.

But the key aspect of this Polish TD is its gun. The Grom is equipped with a 100/162 mm deep-rifled gun, which can cause up to 700 HP of damage per shot if you keep the enemy within a range of 50 meters. With outstanding penetration values (260 mm with standard APCR shells) and exceptionally high shell velocity (1,400 m/s for standard shells and 1,600 m/s for special ones), the Grom ensures enemies are eliminated swiftly and efficiently.

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: SDP wz 66 Grom

      1. Nothing like that. Grom came late because WG took longer than usual to develop it, or so they claim.

  1. Phew, I thought WG won’t put a dedicated tier 8 premium for the new line. I can rest calm now

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