WoT Supertest: Straussler V-4

The Straussler V-4, a German Tier III Premium light tank. This vehicle was created by the Manfred Weiss company in an attempt to improve the performance of the V-4 light tank.

The gun was swapped for a 4 cm one, and multiple improvements were made to the armor of the frontal plates, turret sections, and cupolas. However, the modifications led to insufficient mobility (the base top forward speed is 40 km/h) and internal modules becoming less reliable.

Still, the Straussler V-4 can utilize its good maneuverability and its quick-firing gun (which takes 4 seconds to reload) with decent penetration (64 mm with the basic round and 80 mm with the special one) to succeed on the battlefield.

4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Straussler V-4

  1. Hard to be excited about low tier tanks, lobbies below Tier 5 are saturated with seal clubbers in their Pz. S35, FCM, and so on.

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