WoT Supertest: LPT-67

The LPT-67, a Czechoslovakian Tier IX autocannon light tank, representing the new branch. With a low, sleek profile, the LPT-67 is good for both scouting and sneaky flanking.

It is exceptionally mobile (with a base forward speed of 62 km/h, a base top reverse speed of 23 km/h, and a specific power of more than 30 hp per ton of weight) which can compensate for a somewhat mediocre base view range of 380 m.

The main attraction of the LPT-67 (like in the case of its elder brother the VzDK. 71) is its armament: a twin 57 mm rapid-fire autocannon with decent penetration values. The clip only takes 3.7 seconds to empty and 20 seconds to reload. The LPT-67 can fire AP shells (with 900 HP of damage per clip on average and 180 mm of armor penetration), APCR shells (675 HP of damage per clip and 240 mm of armor penetration), and HE shells (1875 HP of damage per clip and 50 mm of armor penetration). The latter can make the LPT-67 the bane of lightly armored opponents it manages to sneak upon. Ripping enemies apart can easily be combined with active and passive spotting, making “fiery scouting” gameplay very entertaining.

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  1. Hope this comes before the TechTree. Can’t wait to ratatatata in the random. 😛

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