WoT Supertest: Vz. 71

The first light tank from the new line to enter the Supertest is its Tier X apex: the Vz. 71 (“Wolf”). As usual, the top-tier vehicle embodies the very essence of its branch and serves as a showcase for its gameplay specifics.

The gameplay of the Vz. 71 is first and foremost defined by its twin autocannons which have a whole range of special features.

Rapid fire: the two 57 mm autocannons of the Vz. 71 spit out thousands of rounds per minute.
Relatively low armor pen due to the low caliber of the guns; aim for vulnerable spots!
Mind the dispersion: During a burst, the dispersion will be steadily increasing due to the physics of rapid-fire guns. There’s an efficiency indicator for your convenience.
Do damage at close range: Accuracy also decreases as the range to the target grows.
Keep aiming: As bursts can last for several seconds, make sure that the reticle is always staying on the enemy’s vulnerable spots. (Using target lock is also an option.)
Twin-barreled tank mechanics don‘t apply to twin autocannons: extremely high rate of fire negates consecutive/salvo shot mechanics. Plus, your rounds from both guns will be headed to a single point on the enemy vehicle rather than to two separate points.
“Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta” draws attention: Once you start firing, your camo values become very low.
Burst fire, burst damage: Despite their natural limitations, twin autocannons allow you to deal a great amount of damage over a short period of time—if you play the Vz. 71 right.
Good overall mobility of the Vz. 71 allows you to drive into an enemy’s flank or rear—and rip them apart. (Of course, when you‘ve depleted an ammo cartridge, you better move to a safer place to reload.) Needless to say, this vehicle is most dangerous for opponents who are overall lightly armored, including arty and other light tanks. The latter can be outmaneuvered and chased by the ferocious Vlk.

Having a good base view range and given a right set of equipment, the Vz. 71 can provide active spotting for its team along with fire support. Being (potentially) a real enemy shredder, it stays a full-fledged light tank.

The tactical versatility of the Vz. 71 is enhanced by the ammo options you have. Its autocannons can fire three kinds of rounds: AP, APCR, and HE with a special twist. The use of each type depends on the battlefield situation, and it’s important to mention that there’s no ‘special’ round for the Vz. 71 as there’s no great difference in price between the ammo types.

The AP rounds have less armor penetration but deal more damage (compared to the APCR rounds).
The APCR rounds do less damage but have more armor penetration than the AP ones.
The HE rounds deal high damage on penetration and also always deal some damage on a non-penetration. The numbers depend on the target’s armor thickness in the impact point but will always be above zero (therefore, the Vz. 71 may be a great base cap breaker).

The Czechoslovakian tracked light tanks start from Tier VII. Beginning from Tier VIII, every vehicle in the new branch (including the Premium one) bears armament unlike anything seen in the game before: autocannons with unique firing mechanics.

Though autocannons can be compared to machine guns of some lower-tier vehicles, they are quite different from them. Autocannons have larger calibers (up to 57 mm in case of the new Czechoslovaks) and much higher rates of fire (up to 3,000 shots per minute compared to 600 max for machine guns). Continuous fire lowers the significance of a single shot and makes relevant a new stat unique for autocannons: damage per second. Shooting in controlled bursts also requires the player to aim the autocannon as long as they keep their finger on the trigger. A burst will last while you keep the left mouse button pressed—or until the ammo cartridge is depleted and the process of reloading begins.


19 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vz. 71

  1. Wow this thing looks like it was somewhat thought out and the mechanics of the ammo are pretty fun

  2. These stats gunwise for pen and the camo/veiwrange are the Lowest in T10 making it more ideal as a T9 light.

    1. you are wrong, penetration is on par with ebr and it makes sense for the type of gun, viewrange is average with the other lights and camo is at the level of chinese/german light tanks with the sheridang having a worse value

      1. 390 is same as 100lt and 13 105, they work for scouting. The problem with this light will be cammo.

  3. the shell velocity is awefull low. but the general idea about the ammo types sounds good. spam high pen ammo and get (much) lower damage. this will make people consider a bit more. and paper tanks will love a salvo of HE …

    well, I will have an eye on this line. 🙂

  4. way too low hp, should be around 1800 at the very least. its gonna be a cqc tank, with 1400 you are literally 2-3 shots

    1. 57mm autocannon with only 12 alpha? That…doesn’t make sense.

      7.92mm mauser = 8 alpha
      12.7mm .50 cal = 8 alpha
      15mm besa = 9 alpha
      20mm autocannon = 11-14 alpha
      25mm automatique = 20 alpha
      37mm Sh-37 = 40 alpha
      40mm Bofors = 45-60 alpha

      57mm autocannon should play more like a burst version of 6-pdr or ZSU: 75-85 alpha in a 10-round clip, 0.3s clip reload, thus dumping 850 damage in 3 seconds with improved accuracy. This deals roughly the same damage as Wolf’s 900-burst 3.75-sec dump, but does not trigger the %chance to ammorack or ignite engines that often. Because if you give a 75-round clip Deadeye, you WILL set tanks on fire.

      This also allows the use of smaller-caliber autocannons in high-tiers such as Bushmaster 25mm and RARDEN 30mm which could use this current Czech LT mechanics.

      One good way to test this is to release the 60mm HVMS Sherman in a South American tech tree (or shove it in the USA tech tree). 60mm with 100-alpha, 6-round clip. 600-burst with 2 second dump time. See how playerbase responds.

      1. Yes, those alpha numbers don’t make any sense at all. If Wargaming gave this gun something like 8 times the alpha but 1/8 the ROF and ammo capacity, the combat capacity would be almost identical but it wouldn’t make individual 57mm shells so bizarrely puny. And doing that would still result in similar ROF to many real-life 57mm autocannons from the early Cold War era.

    1. Who cares as long as they dont fix EBRs system. They are just retarded in design

    2. Beginning was SU-130 and SU-100Y a loong time ago. It’s just that they forgot about this idea, as it does not bring them in so much cash. I wonder who in WG approved the idea to not have a gold ammo on these tanks at all..

  5. Bad cammo for a tier X light. So it will not work well as manticore or 13 105 like scout

  6. Vz 71 is like Luchs anz Pz I.C – an assassin, not a scout. Sneak around the map, get the jump on someone, and dump the whole clip up their ass.

    Been a while since I cared about a new techtree line, I look forward to these autocannon lights.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! It’s not a typical LT (which would bring huuuuge variety in tier X LT meta). This is what AMX 13 105 was supposed to be, but instead it became a standard LT just that it had the 3-shell clip advantage. I see Vz 71’s gameplay to be sth like a Char Mle 75 in the sense that Char is mostly an assassin and not a scout.

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