WoT Express: New PvE Event Is Coming in June

The developers plan to introduce a new PvE event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord simultaneously with the 14th season of the Battle Pass.

The mission will be included in the Stories. Everything will take place on the redesigned Overlord map. Features include: 

• There will be 2 difficulties.
• Redesigned Overlord map “Omaha Beach” (Normandy Landing/D-Day).
• Historical technology.
• Small rewards.
• Test of completely new mechanics! * The game really lacks such PvE missions and entire modes. But because to create each one, a large amount of resources is required, we will not receive them so often. But each mission is very detailed.

2 thoughts on “WoT Express: New PvE Event Is Coming in June

  1. Small rewards = no incentive to play
    New mechanics testing = mode will be broken on launch

  2. small rewards means WG is being a cheap Ass company that doesn’rt care about historty but will spend more $$$ on Turtles & Star trek shit.

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