WoT RU: IS-6 “Fearless”

IS-6 Fearless* is a Tier VIII Soviet premium tank with high alpha damage. The gun has a good rate of fire and, despite its large caliber, good accuracy and fast aiming. Taken together, this allows you to successfully inflict decent damage per minute on the enemy and not be afraid to engage in active gameplay!

Despite the fact that this is a heavy tank, it has a decent maximum speed, and rational armor angles can often effectively block shots from vehicles of the same tier and even some representatives of a higher tier.

IS-6 Fearless is a special tank produced for the Red Carnation charity event.

*Machine specifications are subject to change without compensation.

In-Game Screenshots:

21 thoughts on “WoT RU: IS-6 “Fearless”

    1. as the post stated, this tank is made for charity, think of it like an upgraded IS-6 without pref MM. TBH i’d like to have this IS-6 instead of the current IS-6 that’s biting dust in my hangar atm

    1. This is either a troll comment or very low-effort, my money is on the latter.

      1. Why, the current has 150 turret armor and can be penned right next to the gun mantlet but at leat it doesn’t see tier 10.

        1. I don’t know if the mantlet hole is still a thing (was one with the old SD model, it was a helpful weakspot to exploit) but despite its low raw thickness the IS-6 turret is really sturdy thanks to its shape and angling.

          Sure, gold ammo apes will pen it anyway, but on average IS-6 is still a pretty survivable heavy tank.

          1. Yea, right. Slope he said… Right next to the gun mantlet the effective armor is 220mm-ish.
            And now it will get bukkake from tier 10s too, even with standard ammo, because from tier 9s wasn’t enough.

    1. Nobody plays this tank anymore except you.
      Maybe you should try something else to help get above 44% win rate

  1. So an IS6 with Defender 122mm gun (same pen and alpha). Making it still a worse Defender unless it is given vastly superior gun handling and DPM.

    1. You find it hilarious, but there are quite a few decent tier 8 tech-tree tanks, that have either got buffs over the years, or were quite strong when added and withstood the test of time. I can name a few of each class:
      LT: Bat-Chat 12t
      MT: UDES 14 5; T-44; P.44 Pantera
      HT: T32; Tiger 2; Type 57; KV-4; VK 100.01 P; Caernarvon (I’d add IS-3 as well, but it gets a lot of hate, so I won’t push it to anyone)
      TD: T28; UDES 03; SMV CC-67

        1. A lot of the old T8 premiums are also turds, and are way worse than these few good Tech tree tanks. WG needs to update a lot of tanks, but they only have development resources for lootbox art, BP collabs and auctions for whales. Actual WOT development and balancing is a distant last.

        2. There’s lots of outdated tanks in WoT, including many premiums. It’s a mistake to think a tank helps win more just because it’s a premium (although some IMHO count as pay2win).

            1. It’s “nobody” or “I”? 🙂

              Non-premium Tier 8 tanks are a normal sight at Tier 8, sure they’re (unfortunately) a minority but saying they’re not played is a cheap ass lie.

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