WoT: How to Get a 4 Skill Crew From The 1.24.1 Crew Changes

To min/max the “composting” of old crews into crew books.

  1. Identify a 2-crew tank of the nation you want
  2. buy a 75% crew (22.9k XP) for 20k credits
  3. Prepare 300 of such crews for 6 Million Credits
  4. Get 3.42 Million EXP worth of crew books, enough to finish training 4 crew skills
  5. Use the crew books in 6-men tanks, and convert the vehicles and roles for a tiny XP penalty

Now you have 4-skill crews, using 3-4 hours worth of credit grind.

Germany – e.g. Pz. I C (2 crew)

USSR – e.g. MS-1 (2 crew)

USA – e.g. T1 (2 crew)

France – e.g. FT (2 crew)

Great Britain – e.g. Manticore (2 crew) / Valentine (3 crew)

China – e.g. NC-31 (2 crew)

Japan – e.g. – R. Otsu (2 crew)

Czechoslovakia – K-housenka (2 crew)

Poland – e.g. 4TP (2 crew)

Sweden – e.g. Strv m/38 (3 crew)

Italy – e.g. Fiat 3000 (2 crew)

+ Sure but seem unaware of ONE CRUCIAL element. Adding 1 singular free exp to any crew member on the 100% crew (without perks) will grand 1 additional 20k crew book. Confirmed on test server.

source: several reddit articles (only try this trick if you are ready to risk some of your credits in favor of crew EXP)

Crew changes min/max
byu/Davo_Dinkum inWorldofTanks

Recruit as many 75% crews as possible BEFORE the update 12.4.1
byu/Hour_Imagination631 inWorldofTanks

Buy a 4 skill crew on the cheap using 1.24.1 crew changes
byu/wwenze1 inWorldofTanks

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  1. False article !!!
    Only crew in barracks will get transformed! You will not have 600 slots free in barracks!

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