WoT Express: Things to Expect in The Next 2 Months

– Common Test of patch 1.25
– Release of patch 1.25
– Reconnaissance Missions 2024
– 3rd launch of small Lootboxes 2024
Everything is part of the loot box launch calendar, as we wrote in our earlier posts.

Connection with the event + 1 new tank (excluding clones). We’ll probably talk about that tank for these boxes later.

Meanwhile, 2025 is getting closer…

10 thoughts on “WoT Express: Things to Expect in The Next 2 Months

  1. Sebastian, you become boring
    Very boring
    I will search mt info else were where at least they don’t make AD posts
    You become very boring
    Come with sonething new or close this ad shit blog

  2. and in 6 months there will be:
    -common test for patch 1.26 or 1.25.1 whatever they name it
    -lootbox event x2
    -new premium tank(s?)
    look at me im leaking epic news

  3. Yeah, with 2025 coming closer they mean the end of the development of the game.
    I still dont believe its happening. Wot still makes a lot of money and if it goes down, there are others things to start and they know that.
    Just look at the aggressive advertisement of world of tanks.

    1. And not just that it makes a lot of money, but they still have no other IP that make such ammount. The assumption that a company would kill its single most profitable endeavour is just makes no sense at all.

      1. But nothing that WG does madness any sense lol
        Plus WG don’t just only own world of tanks…

        1. Not four you or me anyways but there are still a financial management part of the company and I doubt their plan is to drive it into the ground for laughs. Really, just try to get the options, cause there aren’t so many. WG killing WOT is like EPIC killing Fortnite and the UE altogether. Fure they have other games but the majority of their income is from that two.

  4. There’s Lunar New Year boxes, Saint Patrick boxes, Mars boxes, and Christmas boxes, plus the Waffentrager event for Halloween. That’s five major loot events across the year.

    Not counting Christmas the other events are major ripoffs, even more now that WG puts reskin clones in the boxes to increase padding.

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