WoT: Expanded Server Access for All EU Players 

Starting with Update 1.24.1, all EU players can now choose between servers EU1, EU2, EU3, and EU4 without any restrictions. This change alows players to select the server with the best ping or where their friends are, enhancing the gameplay experience for Europe and Central Asia.

EU players can enjoy newfound freedom to choose their preferred server as we gear up to celebrate the EU World of Tanks anniversary in April.

13 thoughts on “WoT: Expanded Server Access for All EU Players 

  1. Thats a really great change, i have some friend in EU3. Question is, what will this mean for Clans?

  2. Nooooooo.. This means Ukranian cheaters(they are a lot) can change servers even easier now 🙁 I see a new crysis in WoT in the near future 🙂

  3. What does it cost wg to introduce a server in LATAM. There are many players from that region playing on servers in Europe. But they prefer to introduce 2 Russian servers full of hackers with tundra.

  4. I hope EU3 and 4 have different curfew timings for special modes, as I have issues with EU1 and EU2 restrictive curfews at times for special modes like Steel Hunter and Frontline, due to my work schedule and where I live.

  5. Oooh, I thoutht that now the chat is full of kids talking trash in russian, after this change it will be hilarious!

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