WoT Update 1.24.1 Common Test: Polish TDs, Vehicle Rebalancing, and More!

We’re adding an entire branch to the Polish Tech Tree comprising six researchable tank destroyers. Additionally, we’re adjusting the performance of four Tier X vehicles, improving five Random Battles maps, and introducing the Postmortem mode feature. But that’s just the start—join the Common Test, try out the changes firsthand, and share your thoughts on these additions!

Planned features for Update 1.24.1 are:

  • Brand-New Polish TDs
  • Vehicle Rebalancing
  • Map Reworking
  • Update on Crews: 100% Efficiency

  • Postmortem Mode
  • Final Season of Onslaught 2023-2024
  • Improvements to Steel Hunter
  • Tour of Duty Reworking

All features on the Common Test are currently in active development. Any values, rewards, technical characteristics, and other feature settings that are relevant for the Common Test are not final and may not correspond to those in the release version.

Brand-New Polish TDs

The new branch of Polish tank destroyers consists of six researchable vehicles from Tier V to Tier X. The transition to the new branch will begin with the Tier IV 14TP light tank.

The Tier V–VII vehicles will be classic turretless TDs with traditional gameplay. They are mobile, have decent frontal protection, and carry reliable guns with good damage per shot and penetration values. The first vehicle in the branch is the SDP 40 Zadymka, sitting at Tier V. It is followed by the SDP 44 Burza (Tier VI) and SDP 57 Gowika (Tier VII).

High-tier vehicles are represented by:

  • SDP 58 Kilana (Tier VIII)
  • SDP 60 Gonkiewicza (Tier IX)
  • NC 70 Błyskawica (Tier X)

The new branch’s Tier VIII–X vehicles will have new shell mechanics to deliver maximum damage in close combat scenarios. It will consist of two aspects:

  • Star Tray Shells: These are most effective when used to shoot targets at a range of 50 meters or less. As the distance increases, the loss of kinetic energy leads to a gradual decrease in damage.
  • Deep-Rifled Guns: These guns enable shells to be fired at exceptionally high velocities. The SDP 60 Gonkiewicza and the NC 70 Błyskawica’s standard shell will travel at 1,700 m/s, while their special shell will fly at 2,000 m/s—making it the fastest shell in the game.

The high-tier Polish TDs encourage you to engage in close combat, where you’ll deal maximum damage.

Vehicle Rebalancing

We already told you about these changes as they entered the Supertest. In Common Test 1.24.1, we’re continuing our work. We’ve identified four Tier X vehicles that require updates to their combat characteristics:

The first two vehicles will receive improvements, while the Super Conqueror and Controcarro 3 Minotauro will be slightly adjusted to make them less dominant on the battlefield.

To ensure consistency with the changes to the top vehicles, we’re also tweaking the performance of Tier VIII–IX French and Italian tank destroyers in their respective branches. Read more about the rebalancing changes in our dedicated article.

Map Balance Reworking

We’ve reworked five Random Battles maps to make them more comfortable than ever before. Mountain Pass has undergone significant changes, while other locations have also received slight balance adjustments. Check out what’s changed.

Mountain Pass

  • Redesigned the bottom base to eliminate previous advantages over the upper base.



  • Changed the position of the rock near the main battle point.



  • Blocked a spot in the E6 square that provided lines of fire to the glacier area for the north base.
  • Adjusted the height of the hills in the E3-G5 squares to provide similar opportunities for both teams.


  • Added/improved TD positions near the upper team’s base.
  • Adjusted key positions in the B4 and C5 squares.



  • Made shooting from TD spots near the bottom base more difficult.
  • Polished the approach to the hill from the swamp side for the bottom team.




  • Removed most vegetation in the C9 square, eliminating a significant advantage for the bottom base.



  • Improved the line of fire for the upper base from the shelf in the A4-A5 squares.



El Halluf

  • Removed a bush in the C2 square as it interfered with fire between heavy vehicles.


  • Raised vegetation in the G7 area to improve the playing surface for light vehicles.
  • Added new stones and adjusted terrain in squares G7-G8 for safer positions.
  • Moved vegetation to enhance gameplay for light vehicles.

Update on Crews: 100% Efficiency

We’re continuing to improve the crew system in World of Tanks. To make your experience with the whole system simpler and more comfortable, all crews will be upgraded to 100%. No operations or penalties will reduce your crew’s efficiency below this level.

In the Barracks, you’ll find a new button that lets you remove all tankers with less than 100% XP for their 1st perk. You’ll receive compensation for their XP in the form of Crew Books.

Additionally, we are:

  • Renaming major qualification level to “crew efficiency”.
  • Implementing a penalty to perk efficiency for free or credit retraining operations, which will gradually decrease as you gain XP.
  • Providing retraining bonuses for newcomers.
  • Enabling you to change your tanker’s qualification through the credit retraining operation.

We’ll cover the details of the crew changes in a dedicated article, so stay tuned!

Postmortem Mode

While Update 1.24.1 will introduce Postmortem Mode, battles on maps with Random Events will not be supported initially. Last Moment support will be added soon.

This new functionality is designed to elevate your gameplay experience by helping you learn and improve your skills, even after your vehicle has been destroyed.

The Postmortem Mode comprises two independent aspects:

  • Last Moment: Provides details of the shot that destroyed your vehicle.
  • Observer Camera: An improved version of the Free Camera you already know from Frontline. It will only be available in non-competitive modes so as not to give an unfair advantage.

Last Moment offers Detailed and Short versions, allowing you to tailor the amount of information you receive.

With the new Last Moment and improved Observer Camera, the Postmortem mode updates will provide invaluable insights. You will become a better tanker by understanding where the enemy was positioned, the shell used and its trajectory, and how it penetrated your vehicle.

Get Ready for the Final Season of Onslaught 2023-2024!

Onslaught will start on the day Update 1.24.1 goes live.

Prepare for the last moments of the Year of the Pegasus with the final Onslaught 2023-2024 season! After its conclusion, you’ll be eligible to claim your Annual Reward, which may include the exclusive Hurricane Tier X medium tank—a special version of the CS-63 with a unique custom look and an exclusive crew.

Additionally, the Season of the Jade Pegasus will introduce:

  • A new piece of improved equipment, Innovative Targeting. It will be available for purchase for the first time in the game once you reach the Bronze rank.
  • Training Rooms featuring Onslaught maps to hone your tactics for Onslaught tournaments.
  • Fresh customization rewards, including cool new camos and inscriptions.

You will also now earn more base Rating Points at the Iron Rank for your performance. Additionally, the base number of Rating Points lost at the Iron and Bronze Ranks has decreased, making their progression less challenging.

Improvements to Steel Hunter

This launch will enhance Platoon functionality, making it easier to find a random Platoon mate. Simply press a button, and someone else seeking a Platoon will be suggested as your combat comrade. Additionally, the mode will have a voice-activated communication feature, making it more convenient to communicate and enter the next battle together. Finally, you’ll be able to add your random Platoon partner to a permanent Platoon.

Tour of Duty Reworking

Our Tour of Duty clan activity is undergoing a significant overhaul. Here’s what to expect:

  • Complete Daily Clan Missions: These are now called “Tour missions”.
    • Three Total Missions: There are three missions to tackle each day.
    • Sequential Completion: Each mission must be completed one after the other.
    • Team Up for Last Two Missions: The final two missions must be completed in a Platoon or detachment with a clanmate.
    • Manual Reward Collection: You’ll need to manually collect rewards for completed missions.


  • Industrial Resource for your clan.
  • Points of Duty: A new clan currency.

Unlock regions using Points of Duty on the map and receive a reward for each region. At the end of your battle journey awaits the ultimate prize: the XCarro da Combattimento 45 t , a Tier X Italian medium with the “Proserpina” 3D style.

Common Test: Why Should You Participate?

The Common Test offers a sneak peek at the upcoming game version before its official release. We’re eager to hear your initial thoughts on the upcoming features, new game modes, vehicles, game changes, and more. This way, we can understand how the community feels about the next update and catch issues ahead of time.

How to Participate in the Common Test

  • Every World of Tanks player can participate in the Common Test of an upcoming update!
  • You need the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test game client, and an active World of Tanks account.
  • Common Test accounts have significantly increased resources for trying out changes and features without restrictions.
  • Your account progress on the Common Test server is aligned with the live server and cloned ahead of the start of the test. On March 11, 2024 at 21:00 (CET), your live server account was copied to the Common Test server and does not reflect any account changes after the cutoff date.

We’ll provide more detailed information in the coming weeks as we approach the update release on the live server. Join the Common Test and share your feedback on these additions, Commanders!

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the drop-down menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated Wargaming.net Game Center guide.

We’ll provide more detailed information in the coming weeks as we approach the update release on the live server. Join the Common Test and share your feedback on these additions, Commanders!

Share Your Feedback

Your voice matters! Share your thoughts and insights on the latest Common Test iteration and the introduced features on our dedicated Discord channel.


Your feedback directly influences the development process and helps us to shape and refine the game for the entire community. Join the conversation now and be part of the future of World of Tanks!

We’ll provide more detailed information in the coming weeks as we approach the update release on the live server. Join the Common Test and share your feedback on these additions, Commanders!

New to Testing?

Check out our handy public test guide with all the details about Common Tests, Sandbox Tests, and Supertests.


We’ll provide more detailed information in the coming weeks as we approach the update release on the live server. Join the Common Test and share your feedback on these additions, Commanders!

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