WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: “Clan Challenges” Rework

The clan activity “Tour of Duty” is undergoing a major overhaul.

Clan Challenges is now a map where you can open regions using points and receive rewards for it. The final reward of the Battle Campaign is a Tier X CW tank.

What to expect:
– Complete daily clan combat missions: they are now called “campaign missions.”
• Three Combat Missions: These are 3 missions that can be completed every day.

• Sequential execution: each task can be completed only after the previous one is completed.
• Assemble your team for the final two missions: The final two missions must be completed as part of a platoon or unit with clanmates.
• Manual collection of rewards: You will need to collect rewards for completed tasks yourself.

• Industrial resource for the clan.
• Campaign points: new clan currency.

Unlock new regions on the map using travel points and receive a reward for each region. At the end of the battle path, the main prize awaits you – Carro da Combattimento 45 t, an Italian Tier X medium tank with a 3D Style.

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