WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: CS-63 “Hurricane” In-Game Screenshots

Hurricane (Poland, Tier-10, MT, promotional, mechanics: change of engine modes/gas turbine engine, CS-63 clone)

Reward for the annual progression of Onslaught 2023/2024 (from 12 Pegasus tokens per year).
The 3D style is sewn into the tank. The appearance is not as bad as it initially seemed.
• There are unique marks: in the form of arrows (the icon of the mode itself).

Historical reference:
A Polish medium tank that became the embodiment of Pegasus, the legendary snow-white horse with huge wings. This time, neither Bellerophon nor Zeus are able to tame him, and only a select few will be allowed to consider him a faithful comrade in arms, capable of reaching the ends of the earth and striking anyone who gets in the way.


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