Wargaming EULA Changes

We are updating our End User License Agreement (“EULA”) that applies to your use of our games. We are making the following important updates to reflect changes in law and in our products as well as to make our terms more readable and accessible:

Combining our different EULAs for different regions into one single document applicable to all users.
Explicitly prohibiting the use of Wargaming’s content for AI training (section 5).
Clarifying the difference between User Generated Content and Player Content (section 6).
Adding a section on copyright infringement notices (section 8).
Clarifying certain rights that users may have, including the right to object in case of EULA changes (section 3) and subscription price changes (section 9).
Adding a section on the safe use of our products (section 16).
To see all the changes, please read the EULA here: English

The updated EULA will come into effect 30 days after you receive this email.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Player Support team here.

If you do not wish to accept the changes, you can terminate the EULA by deleting your account here or, for console games, here before the changes come into effect. You will not be able to continue using our products in this case.

We hope that you will stay with us. Thank you for using Wargaming products!

4 thoughts on “Wargaming EULA Changes

    1. Does this mean, that streamers such as QB, Skill, Daki, Dez, etc will have a problem?

      1. No no
        Twich beggars are not suposed to be affected, brings them new players and its free publicity

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