Wargaming Introduces Special Game Bundles to Support Ukraine’s Medical Efforts (P)

In light of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Wargaming, the developer renowned for titles like World of Tanks, has launched a unique initiative named WargamingUnited. This initiative aims to gather funds to aid Ukraine, particularly in acquiring new ambulances for its medical professionals.

Gamers will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive Ukraine-themed bundles across various Wargaming products, including World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Tanks Modern Armor, World of Warships, World of Warships: Legends, and World of Warplanes.

Each bundle will feature customizations meticulously crafted by Wargaming’s artists stationed at its Kyiv studio. These designs will prominently feature the colors of the Ukrainian flag, yellow and blue, seamlessly integrated into the gameplay experience.

Wargaming has pledged to contribute 100% of the purchase price from every “WargamingUnited” bundle sold towards Medical Aid via UNITED24, Ukraine’s official fundraising platform. The proceeds will be directed specifically to procure Type C ambulances, which are crucial vehicles that can save lives amid crises.

For instance, in World of Tanks, players opting for these bundles will unlock exclusive items such as the 50TP Resilient, a Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, along with Resilient camouflage, decals, and inscriptions to adorn their in-game vehicles.

Similarly, in World of Warships, players will gain access to the Spirit of Unity flag, the Ukraine patch, and the Resilient camouflage. World of Tanks Blitz offers two bundles containing valuable resources and unique items like profile backgrounds, camouflage, and avatars.

Interested players can find more information about the available bundles on the official WargamingUnited website.

Since the launch of this initiative, over 36,000 bundles have been purchased collectively across all supported games, reflecting a commendable show of support from the gaming community. However, the exact amount raised for the charity remains unspecified at present.

The conflict in Ukraine has prompted an outpouring of solidarity from the gaming industry. Numerous companies and game developers have rallied to raise funds and support those affected. Even some no deposit online casinos, mostly known due to www.topcadcasinos.net, donated to Ukraine. Notable actions include Microsoft and PlayStation suspending sales in Russia, EA removing Russian teams from FIFA 22 and NHL 22, and Amazon Games halting the Russian localization of its MMO New World.

13 thoughts on “Wargaming Introduces Special Game Bundles to Support Ukraine’s Medical Efforts (P)

  1. Wait what.. are they actually running this again ingame or are you using this as a way to advertise a casino? wtf

  2. The Ukraine bundle was sold a while ago and it caused trouble for WG due to Russia bullshitting about “aiding terrorists” and other propaganda nonsense. Since it’s doubtful this bundle will be sold again, what’s the real purpose of this article?

      1. Why does the article not have P in the title since its not WoT news at all, there’s no event ingame atm with this.. quite misleading to read all that then see its just a casino advert, np with you making money ofc it keeps the site up but label it correctly..

    1. Pretty sure it got Lesta into hot waters, not WG.
      WG had nothing to do with the RUBY server anymore at that time.

  3. That’s the price of being NATO’s cannon fodder. Maybe shoot Victoria Nuland on the spot next time instead of going to war.

    1. Oh nyo, Ukrainians chased out the putin’s puppet on their revolution and Victoria Nuland is to blame!😟

  4. Curious if there’s been any discussion by WG or the playerbase to remove Soviet symbols from all three games?

    1. WoT had pro-Stalin decals for Russian tanks many years ago but AFAIK they were removed. Beyond that I don’t think anyone ever raised the issue (unless you count random nationalists who argue their case for half an hour and then disappear).

    2. its not really an important thing but might aswell. more people died to communism than the fascists and yet only swastikas are banned

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