WoT: Grab the TMNT-Inspired Prime Gaming Package!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed Battle Pass Season is in full swing. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to complement its rewards with other unique items inspired by the same universe! Grab the Turtlemania package from Prime Gaming to recruit Commander Splinter and get your hands on the Renaissance 2D style featuring his four disciples! There’s a bunch of other goodies in there including 50 Battle Pass Points, so make sure to claim the package before May 1.



Here’s the full list of guaranteed rewards:

  •  Unique Commander: “Splinter”
  •  Unique 2D Style: “Renaissance”
  •  3 decals: “Pizza Powered”
  •  1 medal: “Molten Cheese”
  •  1 day of WoT Premium Account + 50 Battle Pass Points
  •  5 missions for ×5 XP when victorious

Personalize Your Rewards

The Turtlemania package features a 10-day rental period for four vehicles, as well as other selectable rewards. Pick two of the following six items:

  • VIIIM-IV-Y  (15% discount in the Premium Shop)
  • VIIISTG  (15% discount in the Premium Shop)
  • VIIIT26E5  (15% discount in the Premium Shop)
  • VIIIS-2  (20% discount in the Premium Shop)
  •  5 missions for ×5 XP when victorious
  •  5 Cases of Cola


Available from March 19, 2024 at 12:00 (CET) through May 1, 2024 at 19:00 (CEST)

How to Redeem Your Gifts

To receive the three items of your choice, claim the Turtlemania package and enter the game client to get your instant gifts via the standard congratulatory window. To redeem additional picks, head to the Depot and click the Offers tab.

If you claim all available items from the list, this offer will no longer be available in the Offers tab. If you have no active offers, the Offers tab won’t be displayed in your Depot. If you already have the rental vehicles in your Garage, they won’t be available for you to claim as part of the package.

Followed all the steps but still didn’t get the gift items? Please relink your Amazon account and log in to the game.

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