WoT Supertest: SU-122V

The SU-122V is a Soviet Premium Tier IX tank destroyer with Siege Mode, which you might recognize from Swedish vehicles.

This TD has excellent armor for its tier and class, allowing it to effectively absorb most enemy shells that come in the front.

Equipped with a powerful 122 mm gun that deals a devastating blow of 440 HP per shot, the SU-122V delivers nearly 3,000 HP of damage per minute.

Like its Swedish counterparts, it can switch to Siege Mode. However, the vehicle’s thick armor plates compromise its mobility, allowing a top speed of 40 km/h and a reverse speed of 20 km/h. Additionally, its low profile limits the view range to 350 meters.

Overall, this versatile sniper TD can serve as an excellent support vehicle, or even hold its own in active first-line fights.

5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: SU-122V

  1. This will be a God tier brawler for those who can take the STRVs into the thick of the battle.

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