WoT RU: SU-122V

For testing by supertesters added- Tier X tank destroyer SU-122V with the mechanics of changing the hull tilt in siege mode

  • Average damage 440/440/530 dmg.
  • The average armor-pen is 286/340/68 mm.
  • The speed of the shells is 1240/1040/1040 m / s.
  • Reload time 9.2 / siege mode 8.2 s.
  • Aiming time 2.5 / siege mode 1.5 s.
  • Accuracy at 100 m 0.36 / siege mode 0.26 m.
  • Elevation is -3/20 / siege mode -10/24 degrees.
  • Armor-piercing / cumulative / high-explosive shells.
  • Ammo 52 pcs.
  • Max. speed / reverse 48/20 km / h. Siege mode 12/12 km / h.
  • Engine power 850hp.
  • Specific power 19.9 hp.
  • Hull traverse speed 28 degrees / s.
  • Gun traverse speed 22 degrees / s.
  • Strength 1850 HP.
  • Armor (hull,side,rear) 80/60/60 mm.
  • View range 360 m.
  • Communication range 850 m.
  • Stationary vehicle camo (%): is 24 / 4.32.
  • Camo in motion (%): is 14.42 / 2.6.

14 thoughts on “WoT RU: SU-122V

  1. so its basically a russian Strv with slightly higher alpha, worse pen and a hull that you can only pen with HEAT (and even that not reliably). and to make a difference to Strv (and be better, because … Russia!!), you not only get better gun handling in siege mode, but also better reload. sure. o.O

      1. nobody mentioned politics but you just had to really. can you just fuck off with the annoying ass russophobia? wasnt interesting or funny a year ago and it isnt now either. nobody chooses where they are born

      2. Imagine spreading hatred for no reason in an unpopular site on internet =)))))

        I guess some people are a bit too special, they need something to hate.

        1. I got one for you.
          “The orcs can keep their tank”.
          There you go. Now you can cry about it.

            1. @Machine_Wardaddy
              Triggered you didn’t I. You’re shouting this propaganda crap for over a year now. Get a hobby orc.
              Reading your crap everywhere is really tiring.
              Ps. I hope they kick your a$$.

  2. This could easily be Tier 10 for the second Soviet TD line. Move Object 263 to collector status, ditch that abomination Object 268 v4, rebalance and readd SU-122-54 at Tier 9 and put SU-122V at Tier 10.

    But no, better stroke CW kids instead, makes the game better. /s

  3. WoT RU is no longer relevant.
    This kind of info is meaningless and a waste of time.

      1. Yeah like me ^^ it shows Lesta/wot Ru is big shit op premiums, weird balanced arty buff …

        Wot eu/us are wsy better with updates, new Tanks/prem snd good balanced

        And this shows wg ru was the problem the last 5 years 😂

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