WoT Battle Pass Special Dune: Part Two—Destiny Arrives

February 15 at 05:00 CET through February 26 at 04:30 CET (UTC+1)
The Dune saga returns to silver screens with Dune: Part Two on March 1, and also continues in World of Tanks. Its heroes and villains Lady JessicaGurney Halleck, and Rabban—can now become crew members. The Progression rewards in the Battle Pass Special Dune: Part Two—Destiny Arrives contain a range of Dune-themed items as precious as the spice melange itself. Plus, you can purchase a Premium Tier VIII medium tank from the distant future during the event.

Choose Your Champions

Gurney Halleck
A fearless warrior and wise bard whose songs inspire courage in those around him. Having survived the onslaughts of the Harkonnens and Sardaukar warriors, his loyalty to House Atreides is as unwavering as his determination to exact revenge on his mortal enemies. He is adept at finding ways out of seemingly hopeless situations and was able to find common ground with the inhabitants of Arrakis, so armored warfare should not pose him too many problems.

The tyrannical Harkonnen governor of Arrakis is the epitome of power and ruthlessness. He is a fierce warrior and an authoritative commander for whom the end always justifies the means. He demands supreme military discipline from his subordinates and will crush anyone who dares stand in his way.

Lady Jessica
Trained in the mysterious ways of the Bene Gesserit, Lady Jessica’s powers of perception are unparalleled, making her a formidable adversary in any battle of wit or strength. Forced by circumstance to reckon with the survival of the Atreides house, Jessica must now harness all her inner resolve as she embarks on a mission that will determine the fate of the Known Universe.

Distant Future Tank

The technologically advanced Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) is available in special bundles. It has an air suspension system that brings its maximum gun depression to –9° at low speeds, making this tank a true dune rider great for terrain-based play. The gun is powerful, piercing, and precise, allowing you to deliver devastating blows. The Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) also comes with the futuristic “Wind of Arrakis” 3D style, whose unique visual effects make it a vehicle like no other in the game.


Consider this brief Battle Pass Special a shortening of your way to critical supplies. Draw inspiration from the Fremen in battle by striking where your enemies least expect it!

Close the Story in Spring

Your journey through the rough sands of Dune resumes now, but the story will come to a close in Spring 2024, together with the official premiere of Dune: Part Two.

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    1. So you’re upset that banned players can’t have recruits? Then again no one is forcing you to stay and play the game either. Most of us still enjoy it and have yet to find our tinfoils.

    2. Have a cry xm277 I’m sure you got your ass banned and are trying to use invite code from your banned account lol

  1. It’s a little barebones. I am guessing they really needed to drain more gold. I won’t complain about the bounty equipment though. That’s always nice.

  2. all of the supertesting thats going on and they toss in a tank that players could get back in November?? Bounty equipment is the only item i want. Come WG promotional team, WAKE UP..

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