WoT: The Distant Future Is Now – Grab a Brand-New Tank With a Fantastic 3D Style!

The special Chapter of Battle Pass, Distant Futures, is here! One of the main rewards for this 40-Stage Chapter’s Improved Rewards Track is the brand-new VIIIMittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) , a German Tier VIII medium tank with an air suspension system that gives greater gun depression. But what’s more exciting is the vehicle’s exclusive 3D style with innovative effects, giving it a wonderfully unique look. See the details of this sleek machine below as we put it through the paces!

Remember: You can only obtain the Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) and its 3D style (among other Improved Rewards) by purchasing the Improved Pass for 3,500 and completing all 40 Stages.

Meet the Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) And Its Fantastic 3D Style!

The Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) is yours upon completing the Distant Future Chapter’s 40th Stage with the Improved Pass. You also get the vehicle’s exclusive 3D style. Once the style is applied, the vehicle transforms and looks like nothing else on the battlefield. It comes complete with the following:

  • Built-in special effects, where each time the vehicle takes fire, a blue electrical glow flashes on its hull and turret
  • Sleek lines, side vents, and tracks with extenders
  • Illuminated taillights and turret lamp
  • Permanent emblems and other cosmetic touches

These unique customization features immerse you in a fantastic sci-fi universe!

Check out the following tabs to see the vehicle’s characteristics:

Check out the setup below to get the most out of your vehicle. For more information on these and other pieces of equipment, please see our complete guide.


Gun Rammer

Improved Hardening

Check out the setup below to get the most out of your tank crew. Please see our guide for complete details.

Brothers in Arms


Situational Awareness

Brothers in Arms


Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms


Off-Road Driving

Smooth Ride
Brothers in Arms


Safe Stowage


Join the Battle Pass Special Chapter, complete the Stages by November 20, and grab the Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) with its out-of-this-world 3D style!

Roll Out!

10 thoughts on “WoT: The Distant Future Is Now – Grab a Brand-New Tank With a Fantastic 3D Style!

  1. yaay you can pay AND grind a tank thats literally just a better 122 tm with the same dogshit dpm, that doesnt work in 2023, since battles end faster than you can reload your fifth shot, cool

    1. huh? 122TM is pretty competitive in terms of DPG and WR among t8 meds, just look on tomato.gg. Also I wouldn’t call this a better 122TM, more like a slightly faster but way less armored version with a couple other differences. I would consider the 122TM stronger but only by a bit.

    2. Your comment just proved that you’re so clueless and out of touch with the game.
      This thing is a sniper, not a brawler. Playing with it like playing with the 122TM and you’ll get your 2 shots of damage per game.
      This thing has almost no armor, a high-alpha reliable gun, okay-ish mobility, and okay-ish spotting capability.
      DPM? Who cares about DPM when playing with a sniper? It’s all about alpha and reliability.
      Even a brawler like the 122TM doesn’t care about DPM that much.
      Only tomatoes think that DPM helps in the current meta.
      It’s the ability to punish mistakes rules everything.
      The harder you can punish enemies for every single mistake they make, the higher chance you have to win the game.
      My T57 HT has ~66% WR and 4k+ DPG in the recent 2 months. It win games more frequently than any tank that I play, just because it allows me to punish people for A LOT of dmg while taking minimal or even nothing in return.

    1. i honestly could last longer in bed with a porn actress than the average tier 10 battle, and i am really not setting that bar too high

      1. Speak for yourself man !!!! I’d rock it like like a cliff climbin zoo monkey. Bang that tish like a screen door in a hurricane.

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