Collecting and Collectors of World of Tanks

An interesting situation occurred at the beginning of 2024. The number of promotional and premium tanks that an ordinary player could get over the entire existence of the game exceeded 300 pieces. The total cost of 300+ tanks in gold at the technical price exceeded 2,000,000 gold ($7,700).

• We took ordinary players as a basis. In first place is the player JFZola, who also collects tanks in the Asia region. Ordinary players were not volunteers and do not have testing equipment.
• Supertesters have long crossed the line of 300 tanks and in first place a player with the nickname DrLivesey_
• You can even see developers playing their game, such as MacWyst in 1st place. There are other developers at the TOP of the list. You can see some pretty good statistics on their accounts.

This is quite a large number. Considering that WG is increasing the number of “golden” tanks available for obtaining from year to year. From 20 tanks in 2020 to 34 tanks in 2023.

At the moment, there are 364 “golden” tanks and 474 techtree/collectible tanks in the game client.
Out of 364 “gold”:
— 19 are currently on supertester accounts and are being tested based on. Many tanks have been tested for a very long time and will never be released, although supertesters have the opportunity to roll them out sometimes.
— A player could receive 6 tanks for various types of alpha/beta testing or volunteering.
T-44-122 – the tank is issued to supertesters for the duration of their stay in the Supertest. But they can leave you if you left there on good terms.
ISU-130 – the tank is received by moderators on the game resources for a year of service.
KV-220-2 Beta Test – the tank was issued only in the RU region, but was transferred with the player after the transfer. Essentially a unique tank for the EU.
Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha – the tank was issued only in the RU region, but at the moment it can be obtained by supertesters of the working group in the EU region.
M4A2E4 Sherman – the tank was issued only in the EU region for the Beta test, but the developers were able to credit it to their account.
Kanonenjagdpanzer – the tank was sold only once in the EU, and now moderators and supertesters can get it.
— Some tanks that passed tests, but was never released, can be credited to the developers using gold or bonds. Even supertesters do not have such a technique. The list of such tanks is limited and they cannot assign themselves any tank in the game.

The most avid collectors have all premium/promotional tanks. The most stubborn ones have every techtree/collectible tank in the game in their hangar. In total, there can be almost 800 tanks in the hangar. But probably the most stubborn thing that can happen is to get a master and 3 marks on each of these tanks. And there are such players. The most popular player is (PaPaPawian):

💳View the TOP players, half the number of “golden” tanks on their account: (you can log in to the site)

source: WOT Express

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