12 thoughts on “WoT EU Auction 2024 – Day 2: BZ-72-1

    1. Yes the site owner is always looking for donations. So if you can pay him some money that would be great so we don’t get shitty gambling posts

    1. You comments are so there. You replied in a post not this one. You total fucking useless cúnt

    2. Good thing Seb started deleting your garbage, if you keep up with the teenager-tier threats he should ban you as well.

  1. Scientific curiosity: will he just be a keyboard lion hidden behind a nickname or will he be a real tough guy in life too? Because in the second case, for sure either he has already taken two slaps or sooner or later he will take them…..

  2. if you like BZ line or specific Rocket boosters,Just get BZ-68
    It’s more OP than you even think,turret can bounce up to 310mm penetration,Gun dep is -8 and has huge side tracks for city maps(consider not having bz-176),other BZs are just trash.This one never ever worth 22500 gold.

    1. Ive been having some mad fun on pal world, lol. I still gotta collect the special rocket tank though unfortunately. What a damn shame they nerfed its top speed so hard from its previous greatness.

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