How Frequently Will World of Tanks Be Updated In The Future?

According to WOT Express (the largest leaking source) not for so long…

And the nuance is the following:

The usual World of Tanks will be closed in 2025 

This is not a joke, but the near future. Those who carefully read the subtexts have already understood this themselves (here you don’t even need to go far – WOT is already preparing to move into the support stage, and then there will be maintenance only). Yes, and we also wrote about this earlier. But the “tankers” are still flying in the clouds, so let them continue.

So throw money into a project, which in ~1.5 years, ohh, well, you… Of course, now they will deny everything.

46 thoughts on “How Frequently Will World of Tanks Be Updated In The Future?

    1. I glad WG split Russian Invasion WOT RU from ours and stop helping most Funds for RU. I take these rumors armor patrol and wot express as a grain of salt

      1. Do you see any significant developments lately? I helped them for more than 1 year on the forum with all kinds of ideas and they didn’t even write back a reaction saying why we read it or something, I gave them any advice. The chat was also closed for this reason, the official forum Gampleay section is also dead and there are several topics that have been ignored for years, you can write any suggestion for WOT or premkum ammunition or arty, they will not respond to it. Everything is reserved for whales here. Check out the auction, it’s full of garbage and players will buy all the crap!

        1. Whether your comments was intent to be a troll or not
          …same behavior. your guys for fault for, mainly EU players for crying big changes like Crew 2.0. also , Russian invasion development for whatever reason is a no

          1. If you don’t see what I’m writing, you’re probably a FOMO sufferer who faces the truth, around 2015 and 2017 we received much more development than now in 2024. Most of the improvements are introduced in the form of premium tanks, which many FOMOs buy like there’s no tomorrow, why should they do any meaningful work? You don’t understand because of cognitive dissonance because you are also a victim of those who are exploited by WG because you pour your money on them!

            1. Whether your comments was intent to be a troll or not…same behavior. Its seem You and specific eu players issue not wg

              1. Why do you think WG’s new game Project CW will be released in 2025? Why does the development of WOT stop in 2025? I wonder why?

                1. Seems like you are the ones that likes to post or endorse posting “the game is dieing” like previous years armor patrol and wot Express does

                2. Seems like you are the ones that likes to post or endorse posting “the game is dieing” like previous years armor patrol and wot Express does they post this
                  … Project CW is NOT WoT 2.0 but you probably busy posting the game dieing to know that

                3. WoT is semi-arcade, but Project CW is Call of Fortnite style for kids…. maybe it’s the future, maybe it is just for who like see FatStreamerForKiddy at works…

                  1. Its OVERWATCH mainly and they are late too the HERO SHOOTERS hype…Project CW probably going die very fast.

  1. I wonder how true this claim is. Though if there’s no more new content then WG could spend more resources on fixing stuff and improve the quality of their service.

    1. Only minor bugs will be fixed. Also, your guys for fault for, mainly EU players for opposing big changes like crew 2.0

      1. Stop copypasting the exact same comment you troll.

        Also sCrew 2.0 was trash, only whales would support something like that.

        1. Agreed as well! Crew 2.0 would make it so everyone would need at least 5-skill crew to be competitive!

  2. Yeah yeah, „sources“ said that now for 7 years straight. As if wg would not put more moneysinks(=content) in their only cashcow. You have to be borderline retarded to believe that.

  3. plenty of games have seen their best years in “maintenance”
    once the devs stop trying to implement new “features”

  4. fucking bullshit, attention seeking clowns. why would a company shut down the game that makes them money?

  5. The useless knob talking about EU Forum. Fck that place.
    SInce they install paid moderators wankers that forum is dead.
    Every topic is closed or locked.
    The same 10 dickless wonders blaming players for everything and anything instead of being helpful they just trash on new players then wonder why there is no new players.
    Maybe I’ll list the usual suspects here. …
    WG only take feedback from discord. They closed most of the EU language forums, they ignore all feedback. So its just a venting place until you are banned. The exact same as in game chat- now disabled for everyone.

  6. Yeah, Wargaming is going to end development of its biggest game and biggest money earner…. Sure thing….

    1. Armor Patrol / WOT Express relay this specific unverified information for few times previous years about “Game is dieing”

  7. WoT is a great game shoved Into my heart,and literally became part of me like prob many ppls,I have More than 10k hours in game,even tho there is a lot of RUSSOPHOBS AROUND NOW,I think Lesta is doing better job and they are the other not soo greedy part of the old dev team,who wasnt greedy enough to Split their company to save more money for themselves.To any dumb mor*ns there falling for wgs bullsh*t,that Lesta is investing in Russian invasion and making huge profit for Russian goverment its even dumb to imagine.Its a video game that cant make enaugh impact on realworld

    1. How do you think the rus army development new tanks? They put them into WOT and see how they work. LIke if the rus ever made a defender tank in real life then NAto would be fcked!

      1. Defender (a.k.a Obj. 252U) is a further development project of Obj. 252, which was, in fact, the IS-6. So we can say that the 252U is not all that fake. And I hope you are joking about what you said in the last sentence.

        1. 100% positive is the Lesta WOT RU and Russians people are trying scared NA/EU/ASIA away because they sold that Ukraine Bundle in 2023

      2. Nice joke, LOL! Developing modern day tanks full of super-secret tech by puttint pre-cold war tank concepts in an arcade videogame. Just hilarious!

    2. Lesta is making a 110% better product, and actually listening to the community, as opposed to these clowns at WG, who thought because the inherited the WoT name, they could just milk that without introducing anything that would actually make the game better or that players want. The EU server is much to blame, full of fake news junkies who want to hate on Russia for anything possible, and thinking they are “supporting” the most corrupt nation in Europe, who’s military is using Nazi SS names and logos, and sending children, women, and now the mentally ill to the front lines, by continuing to blindly support WG. Or you get the other EU loonies, who write fan fiction on how WG is just a puppet of Lesta and “funneling them money for the war effort. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show as they implode their own economies and keep people in power who are going to have their children learn about how to become transgender and teach them anal sex at primary school. You know, cause “PUTLER BAD” even though we now know it’s a fact that Russia and Ukraine signed a peace deal in March 2022, only to gave Kiev assassinate the lead Ukrainian negotiator and bow to their US & UK masters, and break the peace deal. Brainwash in the west has hit levels we’ve never encountered before in humankind.

      1. Just look at Lesta’s World of Warships, it’s 10x better than what WG is done ever since the split. And while Russia’s economy continues to grow, which has already surpassed the UK, Germany, & France in 2023, even amid the most serious sanctions ever imposed on a nation since North Korea. This is why the Lesta games will continue to improve and live on long after the garbage we were left with in the West dies off.

  8. I was suspicous sth like this *might* be coming (as in 2024 they are throwing in 3 new mechanics in 1 year – usually WG introduce a new mechanic after Christmas and then 2-3 more conventional lines). But not this soon – I thought it would be around 2027-2028. Oh well, WoT will finish the way it started – in the CIS region.

    1. Oh please you Russian orc. Since Lesta fucked off WoT Eu has had much faster development in a positive way. Not shitty flame tanks lol

      1. FYI I’m Bulgarian, not Russian. And I never said that Mir Tankov is doing great, although it’s not rumoured to be going in maintainance phase soon. Nevertheless, we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen, after all, WoTExpress is not a prophet.

        1. World of Tanks NA/EU/ASIA is doing fine and streamline development is better than WOT RU.

          WOT Russia is the one struggling and more likely the one going into maintenance mode.

  9. I highly doubt this authenticity of this “leak”. Makes no sense that WarGaming would abandon their biggest cash cow. One thing you can count on in this game is that the greed of WarGaming will ensure that they will squeeze every last penny from this game. They will likely keep trying for another decade.

  10. While one day WOT will die, but not while WG can squeeze more money than they invest in it. WOT is their main golden goose that supports all their other still born projects. That new Project CW is looking to be another still born project in its current state. What’s actually sad and maybe true is that WG has given up on developing new content, like more/new/better game modes for WOT, and simply interested in releasing more made up premium/reward tanks to sell year after year. So many whales have attached themselves to WOT, that WG doesn’t have to work much for the money anymore beyond making more shiny copy-cat tanks, reskins, FOMO auctions, etc.

  11. What if we recognize confirmation bias? just feeds our confirmation bias of our assumption that we are unbiased.

    1. As Lester once said, shut the fuck up, or I will smack you to the back of the head like little bich.

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