WoT EU Auction 2024: Lot #2 – BZ-72-1

Our second lot features the brand-new XBZ-72-1 , a Tier X Chinese heavy tank—available from January 25 between 10:00 CET and 23:00 CET (UTC+1). Yearning to add this formidable brawler to your collection of steel beasts? Act swiftly and place your bids now before others snatch it away from you!


The is a maneuverable heavy tank designed for breaking enemy defenses. Equipped with jet boosters, it also enjoys comfortable mobility for a heavy tank. Featuring an elegant, low silhouette with well-sloped armor angles, it boasts a mighty 130 mm gun with 560 HP of damage per shot, along with enjoyable −8 degrees of gun depression angles.

Its aiming parameters suit mid to close-range combat, and the tank excels with a 400 m view range. Agile and compact, the BZ-72-1 dominates the battlefield, quickly seizing advantageous positions and engaging in aggressive breakthroughs.

How to Play

  • Firepower

The BZ-72-1 packs a punch with its 130 mm gun, delivering 560 HP damage per shot and boasting 260 mm of armor penetration—sending shivers down the spines of opponents. Tailored for medium to close-range combat, its −8 degrees of gun depression angles and commendable shell velocity guarantee effective engagement. This makes it particularly effective in key positions where mastering positional combat is crucial.

  • Survivability

The BZ-72-1’s low-profile design, well-sloped armor, and jet-boosted mobility elevate its survivability. Swift maneuvering across hazardous areas and strategic positioning enhance its defensive capabilities. Decent turret armor, coupled with a defensive playstyle, bolster its capacity to withstand enemy assaults while aggressively pushing through well-armored lines of opponents. To optimize survivability, consider enhancing the tank’s mobility with a Turbocharger or a Mobility Improvement System.

  • Mobility

While the BZ-72-1’s top speed of 30 km/h and reverse speed of 15 km/h may not be particularly impressive, its jet boosters provide a reliable means to swiftly traverse hazardous battlefield zones. This feature allows you to catch opponents off guard, securing advantageous positions on the map ahead of others. The tank’s compact profile and good maneuverability further facilitate efficient navigation across the battlefield.

  • Equipment

  • Crew Perks

How to Get the Vehicles

The BZ-72-1 is exclusively featured in the Auction event on January 25 between 10:00 CET and 23:00 CET (UTC+1)! Enter through the in-game Store’s dedicated page, place your bid, and observe the open auction where bid counts are visible. Lots accept bids in either gold or credits. Check in regularly to seize epic offers!

Place your bids to get truly unique vehicles, Commanders! 

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