Can World of Tanks Survive Another 10 Years? (P)

World of Tanks: Modern Armor, developed and published by the award-winning online game studio Wargaming, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Among the first Xbox 360 free-to-play titles, 2014 saw the release of World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. With the game’s 2016 PlayStation release, the developer kept pushing into the console market, as the game has undergone constant development throughout the last decade, with World of Tanks Modern Armor, the most recent version, set to release in 2021. World of Tanks Modern Armor, as it is now known, contains over a thousand tanks and the technology and vehicles of the Cold War and World War II periods.

WoT has survived the test of time, but can it replicate past success, which recently saw the game reach a 13-year milestone, and survive another decade?

What is World of Tanks Explained

World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game developed by that emphasises team-based fighting and operates on a freemium model. Following its launch, World of Tanks inspired a mobile adaptation known as “World of Tanks Blitz,” there has been a steady stream of upgrades for the console, PC, and mobile editions.

Across all iterations of the game series, players assume command of authentic historical tanks and other armoured vehicles from various nations, including France, Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and an expanding roster of additional countries, engaging in simulated conflict.

“World of Tanks” operates on the freemium distribution model, allowing users to download and play the game for free. Players accumulate credits, often known as “gold,” that may be used to enhance tanks, personnel, and other elements.

Like other freemium multiplayer games, players can choose to make micropayments. These payments may then be converted into in-game gold, which can be used to acquire experience points, accelerate tank improvements, and purchase premium tanks not available in the regular tank selection. These premium tanks lack unique capabilities or combat benefits compared to “free” tanks. However, they do provide a higher quantity of money and experience, enabling faster upgrades.

World of Tanks Anniversary

What a year! World of Tanks turned thirteen! However, if you’re looking for the finest tank combat on a console, this game has been a part of the Xbox free-to-play landscape since 2014 and has survived multiple console wars over the last decade. And it’s reasonable to assume that the game’s first release on the Xbox 360 days was crucial to its current success.

The commemoration of World of Tanks Modern Armor’s decade-long console anniversary will last throughout 2024. The celebrations started on February 6th with the introduction of the new Celebration War Chests. Additionally, all players were allowed to participate in the Anniversary: Big X Community Op, which led to potential rewards via two complimentary tanks: the newly released Lago M38 and the iconic T-34-88. As of February 13, a range of supplementary awards for the 10-year Celebrations was accessible, and these rewards include Garage Gear and, exclusively for experienced players, a complimentary or significantly reduced-price Tier X MBT-B tank.

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We’re now approaching the summer months, and regular rewards, special events, and WoT exclusives continue piling up, as the aforementioned year-long celebration is unquestionably underway as veteran and new players alike are still enjoying this title that’s been a staple free-to-play game for some time.

Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming, offered his thoughts on the Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference.

Reflecting on the past, it was remarkable to have the opportunity to be on stage a decade ago at the 2013 Microsoft press conference when the announcement of World of Tanks on Xbox took place,” he said.

Wargaming was delighted to introduce World of Tanks, the game that has been a significant part of my life, to a platform with a vast player base. We were at the forefront of the Free-to-Play (F2P) movement on consoles, offering a novel approach to gaming that allowed players to both engage in gameplay and explore new titles. We accomplished this success thanks to the unwavering support and confidence of our esteemed collaborator, Microsoft, with whom we have consistently achieved remarkable outcomes. The last decade has been very fruitful for World of Tanks on Xbox, and here’s to many more prosperous years ahead!”

It’s a remarkable milestone for the Wargaming team, but is the achievement of lasting another ten years, with the advancements of gaming technology, too much to ask?

The Future of WoT

Per WOT Express, a sometimes credible source for gaming leaks, major updates for World of Tanks may halt in 2025. While the end for the previous console versions of the game could unquestionably be near, it’s highly doubtful that, even if the game moves into the support stage and only maintenance updates are available, it’ll be the last we hear from WoT.

Naturally, large and impressive updates are required to keep up with players’ demands. The team at Wargaming has done an excellent job thus far. While the leaks mentioned above could be true, the franchise, with the potential of an entirely new game on the horizon, could be around for another ten years or even 20!

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  1. I dont see pc lasting cause of its doublestandard bullshit…

    The RU server wot however will last beyond 10 years more.. Same for console..

    Pc wot however is in danger..

  2. WoT PC is dead, WG has done everything possible to waste it. They pat their fat bellies thinking they were the best but forgetting they were the only ones. WT doesn’t count as it’s a simulator and has planes and boats.

    They kept on listening to CC cocksuckers and pathetic idiots in the sandbox. They never played themselves and were oblivious to the fact that they killed their own game.

    Fucking idiots

  3. world of tanks on pc is fucking done for lmao even with the influx of many players from ru server when the transferring was possible, the player numbers are dropping so fucking hard its amazing, and i love to see it. wg gets what it fucking deserves.

    1. The article is a mess and includes a section about casino games. Should have known better

  4. I agree. EU has only tens of thousands on a good day. Whereas RU has many servers with millions of players…

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