Project CW (Cold War): List of All Vehicles

We have compiled a complete list of equipment that is currently present in the game. There are 22 tanks in total. Of these, 19 are shown in the game, 2 tanks are still in development and 1 “bot” tank, which is found at the test site. In this alpha version of the game, 12 playable tanks can be unlocked in different ways.

For many tanks, unique characters have NOT yet been drawn or names have not been invented. We also discovered that each tank must have a description, a unique tanker name, and a tank name. We found the names of the tanks in the game client, but they are not yet indicated in the game itself.
The crew is also registered, but so far we have not come across any unique names, because… they can be repeated from tank to tank. Also, the crew of a tank can be from 1 to 4 people with unique names [a reserve for the future].
The descriptions of tanks are now repeated from tank to tank and there is no point in showing them.

The difficulty we see in all this is to come up with unique characters with animation for each unique tank, as well as voice them with replicas. IMHO, you shouldn’t expect a large number of vehicles, as is the case in World of Tanks. Although everything depends on the development of the project in the future.

• FV 4030/X – Brimstone (UK, Defense)
• PTZ 89 C – Arblast (China, Support)
•Bef. Leopard 1A1 — Blitz (Germany, Support)
• Leopard 1A6 – Jäger (Germany, Support)
• Leopard 2K ATGM – Fantôme (Germany, Support)
• Leopard 2K Callisto – Akira (Germany, Attack)
• Leopard 2 MGM-51 – Fantôme (Germany, UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
• T-62 M2 – Raketa (USSR, Attack)
• T-62 Obr.1975 – Udarnik (USSR, Defense)
• T-72 “Buivol” M – Walküre (USSR, Attack)
• T-72 Reflector – Walküre (USSR, UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
• Obj. 279 – Atom (USSR, Defense)
• XM1 “Ejecta” – Kent (USA, Attack)
• XM1 “Volcano” – Punch (USA, Defense)
• ATR EDS Railgun – Ray (USA, Support)
• Abrams IPM1 – Chopper (USA, Defense)
• M60 “Ares” – Reaper (USA, Attack)
• M60 “Athena” – Titan (USA, Defense)
• M60 “TITAN” Bot – Titan (USA, BOT for the training ground)
• XM551 – AR/AAV (USA, Support)
• XM808 Twister – XM808 Twister (USA, Attack)
• HSTV-L – HSTV-L (USA, Support)

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