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It’s Day 2 of our Alpha playtest and everything seems to be going great so far. Thank you all for being here and helping us to find what works and what needs some tuning. We’re extremely excited to see how much you all are enjoying the game and we’re looking forward to making it even better. We have some fantastic news to share with you all today! Due to the overwhelming interest and positive response to the game, and given how smooth everything is running so far, we’ve decided to….lift the NDA. Yes, you read that right, the NDA is GONE . We’ve invited some WoT and WoWS CC’s to come stream the game, and we’re allowing you to do the same! Feel free to stream your gameplay, show exciting clips, create videos, whatever you wish to do – go crazy!

Please remember it is still Alpha!!!

This is our first major playtest and while we love your enthusiasm for the game so far, please remember that we are still in closed Alpha. This means that you may encounter technical and balance issues, all part of our shared journey together We want to make this a great game so please encourage viewers and friends to leave us plenty of feedback so we can address any issues!

There are a few things that we’d like to highlight for those who choose to share the gameplay of Project CW. For questions you receive, there are some answers we’d like to provide you to make sure that the correct information is getting out there. You can find more information in #faq

Is this World of Tanks 2.0?
We understand why you may think so, but no, Project CW is very much not World of Tanks 2.0. We have developed Project CW from the ground up in its own new engine to have unique gameplay and mechanics separate from what you may have experienced in games like World of Tanks or Warthunder. We hope that it will appeal to new and old Wargaming players alike.

When will the game be released?
We are currently in our Alpha testing phase and don’t have a clear release date yet, once we have progressed through more tests and have a clear vision of what we want to change and improve we will let everyone know about our release plans.

Will there be regional servers like in WoT?
While we have regional servers for matchmaking purposes in North America and Europe, we only have a single realm in the game. Our matchmaker will always attempt to match you with players in your geographic location for the best game experience, but you can also play with friends from another region. *In case you team up with a player from another region, the matchmaker will attempt to find you a match in the Squad leader’s region.
Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for – go share!
Official Discord invite link:
Project CW Landing page (share this link for signups):

6 thoughts on “Project CW Q&A

  1. Yeah, another live service game we need to sink our time and money to ‘collect’ hundreds of tanks for the next 10 years, while WOT can rot with its one standard Random mode forever. FFS.

  2. another world of tanks game ? more arcade and possible with more pay 2 win content ?
    fuck no
    iț’l pass , advice you do the same if you want to keep your mind sane
    its a game made by wargaming , don’t expect that much
    they should have improved world of tanks but chose to make exactly something else
    fk em

  3. Looks exactly like war thunder and armoured warfare and what they had planned for wot with one member tank crews.
    If players like this then wot will be dropped from future development

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