6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: NC 70 Błyskawica In-Game Screenshots

  1. WTF is that gun barrel???
    Now it makes so much more sense why this gun is nasty in every single way =)))))

  2. A game where you have fun withe the credit cars and you just wait to finish some stupid useless mission and do just anything else, except continueing playing this slot game.

  3. The rangefinder ports (those “eyes” at the top of the casemate, on both sides) could be weakspots, other tanks have the same issue (TS-54 is an easy example).

  4. I have been wanting this tank shape back in the game, but if this is how I have to get it I’ll accept it. Even though people seem to think it’s bad I think it’ll be fun. It depends of how they implemented the system though. I hope it’s a natural gun damage/speed over distance decay and not a distance cap insta switch.

  5. It looks like a *very* modified T-54/55 chassis, down to a new engine and transmission, or a SU-122-54 with extra headroom and sponson room.

    I’m glad the SU-122-54 is back. I hope it has good terrain resists.

    I really like the model, though, it’s got really clean & crisp details. Things like the the tow shackles not just melding away into the hull, keeping round edges at this low polygon count, etc. actually take a bit of experience to do. Texture on these screenshots looks like the SD pack, though, and the wear is applied in nonsense ways, like the extra wear on the glacis corners near the superstructure’s roof. Also, on the sponson corner, we see two plate edges, on the sponson corner’s face. The only way that would make sense is if they just welded two 100mm plates to make the glacis plate, but it’s not really textured to depict that.

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