WoT Supertest: Chrysler MTC 2TC

The Chrysler MTC 2TC, a new Tier VIII Premium American medium tank, is also making its way to the Supertest.

The Chrysler MTC 2TC features an unusual low-profile hull and an experimental turret housing its entire crew. Despite this, the tank retains all the recognizable traits of American vehicles: a sturdy turret, a reliable 105 mm gun with excellent stabilization, and a 2.3-second aiming time.

The Chrysler MTC 2TC boasts damage per shot of 360 HP, which is decent for a medium tank. Additionally, its armor penetration with a standard shell is impressive at 225 mm, allowing for effective hits on well-armored opponents. With a view range of up to 390 meters and good mobility (a forward speed of 50 km/h and a reverse speed of 20 km/h), the Chrysler MTC 2TC is best suited to comfortably supporting allies and maneuvering along flanks.

Strategic application of the tank’s strengths will allow effective ally support. Taking advantage of terrain irregularities will help it effectively withstand the attacks of even superior enemy forces.

13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Chrysler MTC 2TC

        1. A pencil drawing on a scrap of paper lol
          That is the definition of fake. I.e. was never built sand was never used in combat

          1. So does the E5, E4, E3, Badger, Deathstar, Cent AX, and a lot of other tanks =)))))
            Even the in-game IS-7 is fake. The real IS-7 exists only in real life =)))))))))))

  1. This turret seems quite strong…although Cent 1 also has 254 mm of frontal turret and still sucks! Also the gold pen is mediocre, but workable. The DPM is a bit too good for 360 alpha, will have to see how the dispersion values are. And the 50 km/h top speed seems excelent with 17 hp/t. I think that a slight nerf in this area would be needed because excellence in mobillity and armour and firepower is a recipe for an OP tank.

  2. It’s barely visible but on the upper left of the gun mantlet there’s a machinegun barrel, so it could be this tank has a giant tumor on top of the turret like other high tier American tanks. This would greatly mitigate the turret’s apparent OPness. We’ll see when in-game pics of the tank are available.

  3. it is entirely ok for them to add “freemiums”, they do have employees to pay after all, but they could at least not lie about not having enough materials to add new lines for the US tech tree

  4. What a obsession they have with implementing medium tanks with heavy turrets… They are distorting the medium tank class with these things.

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