WoT is a Classic!

edit: Just to clarify, don’t get scared of these WoT modifications, I have been using their mods for more than a year and these are just cosmetics which makes your game nostalgic and gives old vibes.

These are MODS for World of Tanks, and not another project that tries to parasitize nostalgia separately from the game and get monetary benefits from it.

A series of modifications “WoT is a Classic!” is a set of interface, graphic and sound mods designed to bring back the feeling of playing “those same tanks”. They will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the classic game and create a nostalgic atmosphere that attracted many players to the game.

Thanks to these modifications, you will be able to enjoy the game as in its best years and feel all the emotions that you experienced before.


Google Drive Download Link

Download Through Their Website
(updates appear sooner there)


Questions and Answers (How to Install the Mods, etc.)

WoT это Классика! Тизерный ролик №3WoT это Классика! Тизерный ролик №3

Meet the “WoT is a Classic” team!

“Our team consists of enthusiasts who, like you, want to return to the past of the World of Tanks at least for a day. And our fashions strive to bring back these feelings of 2012 as much as possible.

So let’s get to know them better!”

Project managers

  • Mr. Bendy is the founder of “WoT is a Classic!”, responsible for the game interface and the project’s social network, and the site’s editor-in-chief.
  • Pbody –iwnl– – PR manager, creator of old decals of hits, penetrations, etc.
  • VLBRTN – voice of the channel Mr. Bendy, responsible for old skyboxes and scripts. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with his personal project “Gone with the Thunder of War” .

Project participants

  • MrFishstars – creator of old terrains, help in implementing some ideas for the battle and hangar interface.
  • Leonardo_Shpah – responsible for hangars and skyboxes, assistance with the interface.
  • test_account_01 – help with hangars.
  • Russian_soldiers – responsible for the web part of interface mods.
  • STALKER4.IK – creation of SD models.
  • A1Asriel – creation and maintenance of a web portal, help with script mods, Discord server maintainer, editor.

Future plans

Unfortunately, we couldn’t prepare a beautiful video. But don’t be discouraged! Below we will tell you, and maybe even show you, what we are actively working on. Let’s get started!


Yes, we are working hard on the base hangar from version 0.9.X, some effects, of course, we cannot revive yet, but we will do everything possible to ensure that this hangar is fully restored.



Premium hangar v2

We also couldn’t ignore this hangar.




The most interesting thing is the modpack! Initially, we planned to make an installer in the form of old launchers… But what if we offered you something better? An old launcher that will work as a mod installer! The project is still at an early stage of development, but we are ready to tell you how it will work.

  • Three designs, one launcher
    You can change the design in the launcher settings, and the era you choose will also depend on the design.
  • Updating Mods
    The launcher will update mods itself. If something suddenly breaks, we will try to fix it as quickly as possible and send it to you for an update! Also, if some mods break after the patch, the launcher itself will delete the files that are broken. In general, complete automation of update delivery processes.
  • News
    And where would we be without the most basic function: news from the portal “WoT is Classic!” will be shown in the launcher. Also in the settings there will be an option to enable news from the tanki.su portal .


Your favorite graphic mod is waiting for another rework… Waiting for you:

  • Complete redesign of skyboxes
  • Improvements for standard rendering
  • Overlays for objects
  • Cleaning the moon.

And that is not all! Keep an eye on this section under development .


After all the New Year’s decorations fall, the basic and premium hangar 0.7.X will be waiting for:

  • Adding effects and animations
  • Improvements in materials
  • Adding Reflection Maps


It’s impossible to say anything concrete for now, but soon a section will be added to the portal where you can track which tanks have been transferred to SD and which have not. We also plan to convert to SD in 2024:

  • USSR
  • Germany
  • USA
  • France

Also, for those who want to ask: “What about 60TP? Where will you get it from?”, we will answer – from World of Tanks Blitz! The models there are still created according to the style of 2011-2012, so you won’t notice any special differences. Well, some tanks, unfortunately or fortunately, will remain in their HD versions.


And of course, the “WoT is Classic!” team We sincerely congratulate you on the New Year and wish you all the best in 2024! Good health, good luck in all your endeavors and rapid fulfillment of your dreams!

We remind you: the December update is currently available , have time to enjoy the New Year’s hangars!

Happy 2024 and good luck on the nostalgic battlefields, tankers!


Google Drive Download Link

Download Through Their Website
(updates appear sooner there)


Questions and Answers (How to Install the Mods, etc.)

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    1. Why are people so spoiled nowadays? Back in the day you had to install every and each mod individually. Now there’s Aslain’s modpack, which is extremely helpful and easy to work with but not the only way to install mods.

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