WoT Supertest: Vickers MBT MK.3

The Vickers MBT Mk. 3, is a special Tier X British medium tank.

This machine’s exterior bears many features typical of the British school of tank engineering. Though the Vickers MBT Mk. 3 cannot boast solid armor protection, do not underestimate this sniper : it carries the famous105 mm L7 gun, which possesses astounding handling parameters. Be it accuracy, stabilization, reload time, or armor penetration, the Vickers MBT Mk. 3 always ranks among the very best vehicles of its type. Complementing the excellent gun (which deals 390 HP of damage per shot) are decent mobility (with a top forward speed of 50 km/h), great maneuverability, and an impressive base view range of 410 meters.

11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vickers MBT MK.3

    1. Leopard 1 needs to go back to its old alpha/pen, let it have the best mobility among Tier 10 meds but that should be its only gimmick.

  1. Once again WG sacrifices a techtree tank to the premium/reward gods. They could ditch CAX and put Vickers at Tier 10 of the techtree UK MT line, instead they’ll give out via clan, Assembly Shop, or some other unconventional thing.

    1. Fake? Lol, is that a Pavlovian reaction from some WoT players? The Vickers MBT family of tanks was and to an extent still is a thing.

      1. Fake? Lol
        The only fake thing is your stat padded still shitty win rate 😂😂

  2. Finally a real existing tank. Sad its a premium/reward. They should make a tech tree with those Vickers tanks.

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