WoT Holiday Ops 2024 Reminder: Make the Most of the Event!

The countdown to the end of Holiday Ops begins, Commanders!

With the clock ticking down to January 8, 7:00 CET (UTC+1) when the curtains close on Holiday Ops 2024, we’re here to help you get the most out of these last few days. Together with Vinnie Jones, we’ve prepared a special checklist to ensure you reap all the event benefits. Take the final week by the antlers and score cool rewards before it’s a wrap!

1. Assignments and Missions From Vinnie: You Still Have Time to Finish Them!

Vinnie has two types of tasks for you, both offering juicy rewards!

Challenge Missions

Don’t worry if you’re late to the party—all Missions From Vinnie Jones are cumulative and can be completed at the same time. Get Tech Tree vehicle discounts, Terminal Tokens, and unique Vinnie-inspired prizes, including the following:

  • A special medal, cool decals, and inscriptions
  • A stunning 2D style, In the Crosshairs, that features special Marks of Excellence
  • Vinnie Jones himself as a tank Сommander with an exclusive voiceover


Complete Vinnie’s Assignments using Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron for even more rewards—decals, two additional 2D styles with unique Marks of Excellence: The Axe and Pain Threshold, and bonuses to credits and XP!

2. Reach Festive Atmosphere Level X to Grab All Available In-Game Rewards!

Ensure you reach Festive Atmosphere Level X to unlock all the valuable in-game rewards on offer in the event progression! You can get a brand-new festive 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence, Personal Reserves, special crew members, Crew Books, and much more.

To increase your Festive Atmosphere Level, upgrade the Decoration Zones from Level 1 to 5 with Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald.

3. You Can Still Increase Your Rewards With Chaffee’s Bundles!

When you reach Festive Atmosphere Level II, a familiar companion will appear in your Village—Chaffee the Dog!

Chaffee will give you Chaffee’s Sacks with in-game rewards for completing his simple daily missions, starting with one Sack per mission. You are guaranteed to receive up to three Sacks per day.

You can spend in-game currency to treat Chaffee to a Bundle of dog-friendly items and gain an extra Sack per mission in return.

With three Bundles available, you can accumulate up to four Sacks per mission or a maximum of 12 Sacks each day.

4. Large Boxes: Last Chance to Get Cool Vehicles and 3D Styles!

At the end of the main event on January 8, 7:00 CET (UTC+1), the festive Garage will be disabled, so you will no longer be able to purchase Large Boxes. If you want to get exclusive vehicles, including two unique Tier IX Premium tanks listed below, now is your last chance to grab them!

NEW The Tiger-Maus: A Tier IX German superheavy with a rear turret, massive size, formidable protection, and a classic German gun—perfect for steamrolling opponents.

NEW The Object 752: A Tier IX Soviet heavy with an autoloader gun in an oscillating turret. Its small size and clever armor design improve its chances of surviving in the most heated battles.

NEW The Type 63 HT: A Tier VIII Japanese heavy with a new cooling mechanic that increases its accuracy and tactical versatility.

NEW The XM66F: A Tier VIII American assault tank destroyer with thick frontal turret armor and a powerful gun with a good maximum depression angle.

You might also find a brand-new 3D style for one of the following Tier IX or X vehicles:

  • Old Reliable for IXCobraCreated in collaboration with Vinnie, this style was inspired by his vibrant individuality, making it truly one of a kind.
  • Hot Rod for  XPanhard EBR 105
  • Sky Sentinel for  IXAE Phase I
  • Verfall for  IXE 75
  • Týr for  XG.W. E 100

5. Redeem Missed Advent Calendar Presents!

If you missed a few of the daily Advent Calendar surprises, don’t worry! You still have the chance to grab them until January 8, 7:00 CET (UTC+1). Simply spend 300 of any Holiday Ops resources to get each unclaimed Advent Calendar gift. Remember, these missed presents can only be opened sequentially, starting from the earliest to the latest.

If you open all the doors, you will receive the December 25 present —a vibrant 2D style—as a complimentary gift. Don’t miss out on completing your festive collection!

After the Event

  • Unused credit discounts on researchable vehicles: Be sure to activate them before January 8, 2024; otherwise, they will disappear when the event ends.
  • Unopened Large Boxes, Chaffee’s Sacks, and unspent Gift Terminal Tokens: Will be opened automatically at the end of the event, and their rewards will be credited to your account.
  • Large Boxes sent as gifts but not accepted by their recipients: Will be returned to your account and opened automatically. To accept or reject Large Boxes that have been given to you as gifts, please log in to your account in the Premium Shop.
  • Unspent Holiday Ops resources: Will disappear when the event ends.
  • Chaffee’s items: Once the festive Holiday Ops Garage is disabled, Chaffee will leave with all the items you purchased for him (beds, collars, toys, and food), which will not be compensated.

Let the festive spirit live on a little longer, Commanders! Keep warm and enjoy your Holiday Ops bonuses!

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