WoT: Future Winter Event – Who has the Diamond?

“Everyone likes diamonds. Big, shiny. You love them too, don’t you? Well, you’ll have to find the diamond yourself.”

Teaser on YT:

Who has the Diamond?Who has the Diamond?


17 thoughts on “WoT: Future Winter Event – Who has the Diamond?

  1. Not interested. Me and my clan only play frontlines.
    Although I did get to level 10 Christmas without posting a single game 🖕🏼

    1. Same here. Really only play and enjoy Frontline since a few years. Started playing the game in 2011, and honestly can’t stomach 15v3 turbo Randoms anymore. WG hasn’t come up with a single new standard game mode for the game after 12 years and just keep releasing more premium tanks as new content, instead of trying to release new modes to play these 700 tanks in game already. Whales keep buying/’collecting’ these overpriced premiums and thus WG has their whole dev team working on designing new tanks, 3D skins and such, instead of working on actual new content like a proper new game mode for the game to play the tanks.

  2. I hope it’s a new premium currency worth even more than gold. New better ammo, equipment, tanks. Diamonds only. Hire me WG

  3. If its for the Charioteer NOMAD (aka gypsy nomads) marathon meant, I think we are gettin to the stage of reskinned techtree tanks with premium status or smethin like the Blitz content with that childish skins…

    1. I wonder why don’t they just sell premium status for the tech tree tanks, to make the normal Charioteer premium tank, pure and simple. Or IS3, or T32 or whatever else tank you like, but don’t just duplicate the existing tanks.

      1. Yeah, people have suggested it many times in the past… who knows why WG doesnt want it… Maybe it is a very end and last content for the game. Maybe they would open pandorra box so you can apply it on tier 10 or 9 tanks and then it would disrupt the premium tier 8 economics or MM… Who knows…?

      2. My guess is, marketing reasons. Premium status would be as easy as paying some gold in the garage, whereas premium tanks mean slogging through lootcrates and overpaying to obtain them. WG clearly favors the latter.

        Speaking of duplicates, at least T832 had some differences compared to T32. Nomad on the other hand looks like an exact clone of Charioteer.

  4. If this is something akin to the Black Market, where there were a few options for non-whales, or the Caravan, where at least a few good possibilities were made available (some T8 premiums for credits) for regular players, then sure. Otherwise its just another whale gold sink like 113BO auction last year. Idiots spending 20K gold to buy a skinned tech tree 6M credit tank, which later came to the bond shop, and no one cared.

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