WoT Vehicle Yearbook: Meet the Class of 2023!

The year 2023 brought several new vehicles to World of Tanks. These included Premium vehicles, reward vehicles, brand-new tank classes for nations, and machines with new play mechanics—just to name a few. We take a look back at the almost 50 members of the tank class of 2023, including a timeline of when they were introduced to the game!

2023 Rewind Timeline

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VIIBZ-58 09/01 Players got a taste of Chinese heavies with a unique jet booster mechanic when they found the BZ-176 in Large Boxes for Holiday Ops 2023. With Update 1.19.1four Tech Tree models were added to the game, starting at Tier VII with the BZ-58. The vehicle embodies all the key features of the new branch: a low silhouette, solid and well-sloped frontal armor, a tough turret, and 10 convenient degrees of gun depression—along with poor accuracy and a long reload time. You can activate the jet booster mechanic up to three times per battle.
VIIIBZ-166 The BZ-166 continued the evolution that started with the BZ-58. Its powerful 122 mm cannon causes 420 HP of damage per shot with the standard AP shell. The reload time is 15.5 s long, so make sure each shot hits its target. With 0.44 m mediocre accuracy, this vehicle is hardly a long-range sniper. You can activate the jet booster mechanic up to four times per battle.
IXBZ-68 Up a tier in the Tech Tree is the BZ-68 and its 130 mm cannon that can cause 530 HP of damage per shot. You can activate the jet booster mechanic up to five times per battle with this tank.
XBZ-75 The BZ-75 is a classic heavy tank designed to cause damage and trade its HP on the front line, but it has the added benefit of a jet booster, which can be activated up to six times per battle. Its 152 mm gun causes 650 HP of damage per shot and has good DPM for its caliber.
VIIIT-832 12/01 Our Battle Pass: Judgment Day gave players a chance to earn the T-832, a version of the American T32, albeit with some different stats and a permanent 3D style influenced by one of the most popular science-fiction villains ever to grace the silver screen.
XLion 02/02 This special historical tank was limited to 15,000 units, the first ~5,000 of which received the “Marked One” 3D style with an individual number. The Tier X medium is the Italian version of Germany’s famed Leopard 1. The Lion’s 105 mm cannon features an unusual modified four-shell autoreloading system, with shell reload times of 20.1/7.7/9.6/12.5 s, plus a 4.5 s reload time between shots. The vehicle was only available in the Assembly Shop.
X116-F3 13/02 The 116-F3 was a reward vehicle for the War Gods event on the Global Map. The Chinese heavy boasts a combination of features that sets it apart from the crowd: It has formidable frontal armor, a 130 mm cannon with a three-round autoloader, and a top 20 km/h reverse speed that leaves opponents in its dust.
XMonkey King 15/02 The Auction returned with five lots, some of which included brand-new vehicles. The first item was the Monkey King, the Chinese 121B with a permanent 3D style inspired by Sun Wukong, a legendary hero from Chinese myth.
VIIIK-2 16/02 The second Auction lot was the brand-new K-2. Clad in very tough armor, this vehicle is armed with a powerful—yet inaccurate—cannon that is typical for the nation at this tier and class. Fans of other big-gun Soviet heavies—such as the Object 703 Version II, the IS-3, the IS-5 (Object 730), or the Kirovets-1—will be perfectly at home with the K-2.
VIIIMars 17/02 The Progetto M35 Mod. 46 is a real breadwinner thanks to its mobility and autoreloading cannon. As the third Auction item, Mars wraps the tank in a fantastic 3D style that pays a tribute to its rich roots in the Mediterranean, the cradle of classical Roman civilization. A shield wall adorns the tank’s hull, and the turret resembles the namesake god of war’s helmet. Are you not entertained?
IXT54 Heavy Tank 19/02 The final Auction item was the brand-new T54 Heavy Tank, which is made for terrain-based play. Its well-armored 254 mm wedge-shaped turret, sloped (and bouncy) 254 mm upper glacis plate, and 12 degrees of gun depression provide formidable defenses. On offense, the 120 mm cannon packs a punch of 450 HP damage with a single shot.
IXBZ-58-2 28/02 Battle Pass Season X kicked off another year of exciting 30v30 clashes. One of the new rewards available for 24 Battle Pass Tokens was the BZ-58-2, a breakthrough heavy tank that can cause over 2,000 DPM via a 130 mm cannon.
MARCH 2023
VIIIType 5 Ka-Ri 16/03 Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Shamrock Days, featured Emerald Boxes (similar to Holiday Ops Large Boxes) that could contain two brand-new Premium vehicles. One of these was the Type 5 Ka-Ri, the first Japanese tank destroyer in the game. With formidable firepower, including 252 mm of penetration with standard shells and a DPM that can exceed 2,200 HP, the Type 5 Ka-Ri is a true damage dealer. Since it’s hardly a frontline assault tank destroyer, use the vehicle’s agility—with a top speed of 40 km/h and a decent reverse speed—to quickly reposition after firing.
VIIIForest Spirit The second brand-new vehicle found in Emerald Boxes, the Forest Spirit is identical to the Soviet SU-130PM tank destroyer but with a unique permanent 3D style. The vehicle looks like it drove through a magical garden!
MAY 2023
VIIITS-54 02/05 One of the benefits of the WoT Plus program is access to the TS-54. The vehicle’s mechanics are similar to other two-gun tanks. You can fire each gun independently or both simultaneously. Unlike other Tier VIII double guns, however, the TS-54 takes only 2 seconds to lock onto a target and 2 seconds until you fire both barrels. The vehicle can also welcome any American crew member on board regardless of tank class. You can, for instance, train an M44 crew in the tank without penalty!
VType 3 Ho-Ni III 02/05 Update 1.21.1 brought a Tech tree of six Japanese tank destroyers to the game, and players could put them through the paces in the Path of the Ninja event. Although the gameplay of these new vehicles can hardly be considered unique, they are noticeably different from both heavily armored assault TDs and sniping “glass cannons.” They are versatile all-rounders with an optimal balance of frontal armor, decent firepower, and adequate mobility, featuring mighty high-caliber guns with good accuracy and aiming time. The first tank in the line is the Type 3 Ho-Ni III. If you’ve enjoyed the Tier V German StuG III Ausf. G, playing the Type 3 Ho-Ni III will feel familiar—but with an even more powerful and accurate gun.
VIType 95 Ji-Ro The Type 95 Ji-Ro has gameplay similar to the Type 3 Ho-Ni III. It boasts high concealment values and a view range of 350 m, but due to the almost complete lack of armor, it should spend most of its time ambushing opponents from cover. The closest analog of this vehicle is the Soviet SU-100.
VIIChi-To SP Starting from Tier VII with the Chi-To SP, the gameplay concept of these Japanese TDs changes: They get sturdy frontal armor and more respectable damage per shot. The vehicle has vulnerable zones in the frontal projection—big Commander’s cupolas, lower glacis plate—but it can already absorb standard shells from same-tier opponents. Try to use the terrain and turn your vehicle’s hull to decrease the impact angle, thus boosting your armor effectiveness and ricochet chances. It’s maneuverable and can confidently follow heavy tanks carrying either a 75 mm or 105 mm cannon with decent damage per shot.
VIIIHo-Ri 2 Roll out to the upper tiers in the Tier VIII Ho-Ri 2, a vehicle that embodies the best qualities of Japanese TDs and balances its solid frontal armor with a hefty gun that causes 400 HP of damage per shot. It has two cupolas, one of which is at a very acute angle towards the enemy in front of you, so it won’t be easily penetrated. There are several other vulnerable zones in the lower and upper glacis plates, but only the best Tier VIII guns can penetrate them.
IXHo-Ri 1 The Ho-Ri 1 is a standout support vehicle and serious damage dealer, armed with a fearsome 149 mm gun with 650 HP of damage per shot, but it’s hindered by a rather long reload time of 15.5 s. It has a big lower glacis plate that you’ll need to hide, but your opponents will have serious problems penetrating the upper part of the cabin. With its notable armor penetration values and adequate mobility, the Ho-Ri 1 has what it takes to be a true roving menace on the battlefield.
XHo-Ri 3 All the hallmarks of the Japanese TD line culminate in the Ho-Ri 3 with its effective up-to-300 mm frontal armor and 2,000 HP pool. The only true weak spot on the front of this mastodon is the lower glacis plate. The average damage per shot is 700 HP, and the standard AP shell has 305 mm of penetration, which is enough to bring down even Tier X tanks with a few shots.
IXTL-7 11/05 The Call to Mars event featured Martian Containers (think Holiday Ops Large Boxes but from outer space) that could contain the TL-7. The first American tank destroyer with an autoloader in the game, the vehicle is all about mid- to close-range burst fire. The 120 mm cannon’s four-round clip can dish out 360 HP per round, with an intra-clip 2.3 s reload time for a potential 1,440 DPM. Conversely, the 0.4 m dispersion is low for a TD, while 252 mm of penetration is average among its Tier IX peers. Shell velocity fares a bit better, with 1,060 m/s for AP and 1,492 m/s on APCR rounds.
IXKPz 3 Projekt 07 HK 30/05 Although it was introduced in Battle Pass Season X, the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK was inaccessible to players (as it required 27 Battle Pass Tokens to purchase) until Season XI. It’s a very complex tank destroyer, featuring two modes with completely different strengths and weaknesses. It resembles a Swedish tank destroyer and can switch between Travel and Siege modes during battle, but it has more in common with the Kunze Panzer reward vehicle from Season IV.
JULY 2023
VIII56TP 21/07 The 56TP was the reward for completing the Base Rewards Track for Battle Pass Season XI’s time-limited Carmen de Bisonte Chapter. A well-rounded tank with great turret protection, good gun handling, and adequate mobility. Its shells pierce enemy armor like sharp, well-aimed bison horns. The maximum gun depression of 9 degrees and a sturdy turret with non-prominent hatches make the 56TP very efficient at using terrain folds.
XKampfpanzer 07 P(E) 03/08 The Assembly Shop returned with another brand-new Tier X tank! Meet the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E). Historically a prototype, it comes with a dozer blade and has a smaller frame and mass—unlike “classic” top-tier German heavies. The top forward speed of 50 km/h allows the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E) to catch up with a pack of attacking medium tanks or reach a good position well before its opponents of the same vehicle type.
VAMX 13 (FL 11) 10/08 For our 13th Anniversary event, players could get a brand-new vehicle for completing eight special missions. The AMX 13 (FL 11) is a hybrid vehicle that combines the hull of the AMX 13 and the turret of the Panhard EBR wheeled armored car with a 75 mm gun—similar to those of other French light tanks. Its reduced weight makes the AMX 13 (FL 11) very mobile, and in addition to high forward and reverse top speeds, it possesses good camo values. Zoom across maps and intimidate opponents!
VIIIGSOR 1010 FB Our 13th Anniversary introduced the first Premium wheeled medium tank to the game: the GSOR 1010 FB. It has excellent agility but is more reliant on its 105 mm boomstick than its wheels. It also served as a harbinger of the then-upcoming Tech Tree line of vehicles: an overall larger profile than their French wheeled cousins but with less speed. Different driving modes were traded for a new mechanic that allows turning on the spot, which makes them easier to operate. Their role in the field is to quickly provide fire support and aid the team’s advancement with their high specific power, good gun accuracy, solid view range, and adequate damage per shot.
VAEC Armoured Car 06/09 Update 1.22 brought a new branch to the British Tech Tree: six brand-new wheeled medium vehicles, with the AEC Armoured Car starting the line at Tier V. The vehicle comes with a 40 mm cannon but can upgrade to a fast-firing 57 mm gun that can cause 1,928 DPM. Its 60 km/h top speed puts it far above average among mediums and lights. It works well as a reconnaissance scout in spite of a lightly armored hull and turret and rather large silhouette.
VIStaghound Mk. III Following in the treads of its predecessor is the Staghound Mk. III. The four-wheeler keeps many of the AEC’s attributes—namely its top forward and reverse speeds—but it brings more firepower thanks to a second 75 mm cannon, slightly thicker armor, and a 360 m view range. It uses the same turret that sits atop the British Crusader.
VIIFSV Scheme A The FSV Scheme A is the first six-wheeler on the Tech Tree. It’s the lightest of the half dozen British wheeled vehicles at about 9 tons, and although it has less horsepower than its predecessors, it hits a 60 km/h top speed. Two guns are available: a 75 mm and a 76 mm.
VIIIFV601 Saladin The FV601 Saladin‘s good mobility, coupled with a 380 m view range, lets it take up key battlefield positions to support teammates with any one of its three cannons—75 mm, 76 mm, and 90 mm—to keep enemies occupied.
IXGSOR 1006 Scheme 7 The GSOR 1006 Scheme 7 is the penultimate wheeled vehicle in the British Tech Tree. The vehicle’s 535 hp engine can reach a 65 km/h top speed and is protected with 60 mm of frontal hull armor and 85 mm of frontal turret armor. The most noticeable improvement is the optional 105 mm cannon with 1,080/1,240/1,080 m/s velocity that causes 390/390/480 HP of damage with 248/315/53 mm of penetration.
XConcept No. 5 The 24-ton Concept No.5 sits at the top of the wheeled Tech Tree. It brings more of everything—1,800 HP, 70/40/35 mm of hull armor, powered by a 580 hp engine—but it only carries one gun: a 110 mm boomstick that penetrates 260/318/55 mm and causes 430/430/515 HP of damage. All in, it can deliver 2,205 DPM, which is enough to send some heavies back to the Garage. Use the 65 km/h top speed and 400 m view range to scout enemy positions. Take advantage of 8 degrees of gun depression to peek over uneven terrain to spot and take potshots at unsuspecting enemies, putting the high-velocity shells to good use.
IXKJPZ TIII Jäger 25/09 Ermelinda von Krieger returned to make more trouble in Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion. The latest chapter of the Waffenträger saga brought two brand-new reward vehicles that were random rewards from the Engineer’s Gate. The first of these is the KJPZ TIII Jäger, a nimble mobile sniper with great gun handling and accuracy. Similar in appearance and layout to the Waffenträger auf Pz. IV and the Grille 15, the Jäger can’t boast any significant armor as it focuses on shooting and mobility.
VIIIJagdtiger Prototype The second brand-new Hyperion reward vehicle was the Jagdtiger Prototype, an assault tank destroyer with a powerful 128 mm gun. A modification of the Jagdtiger equipped with the 12.8 cm Pak 44/1 L/55 gun, this vehicle has the same general concept as that of its more powerful version: unimpeded destruction of enemy vehicles with the help of its excellent gun.
VIIIMittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) 09/11 For completing the special 40-mission Distant Futures Chapter of Battle Pass, players could earn the Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) as an Improved Reward. The vehicle’s air suspension system, which gives greater gun depression, was exciting enough, but the real attraction is the vehicle’s exclusive 3D style. Complete with built-in special effects, like a reactive glow when taking fire, sleek lines, illuminated taillights and turret lamp, and more details, it brings a futuristic presence to the battlefield!
VPz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2 30/11 November’s Well-Deserved Reward brought a new prize to anyone who created their account before January 1, 2020: the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2. Historically one of the most mass-produced tanks of World War II, the F2 model comes with a permanent yellow base camouflage scheme (typical for tanks that fought in North Africa), as well as vehicle numbers, nation emblems, and 3D details like extra tracks on the hull and turret, canteens, helmets, and more. Pro tip: You can further customize the vehicle with additional items, including 2D styles!
IIIPanzerwagen 39 01/12
Players were greeted with the Panzerwagen 39 as a free gift when they logged in to the game during Holiday Ops 2024. It’s a very small and sneaky scout that excels at active or passive scouting—and annoying enemies with potshots from its 24 mm cannon.
IXTiger-Maus Holiday Ops 2024 Large Boxes could contain nine brand-new Tier II–IX Premium vehicles. The Tiger-Maus is a typical German superheavy with a rear turret: It’s massive, has great protection, features a “classic” German cannon, and is made for steamrolling the opposition. If you aren’t familiar with the gameplay of tanks in the Maus branch, you can get a taste of it with the Tiger-Maus.
IXObject 752 Another possible Large Box prize. A largely non-typical Soviet heavy, the Object 752 comes with a three-round autoloader in an oscillating turret. After it fires its rounds in quick succession, its compact size and complex armor configuration give it a chance to dodge or negate incoming enemy shells.
VIIIType 63 Found in Large Boxes, the Type 63 gives players a preview of an upcoming Japanese heavy tank branch with a new mechanic: Its cannon cools down after a shot, so if you don’t take the next one immediately after reloading, the accuracy increases. The tank also has hydropneumatic suspension, which makes it shine in terrain-based play.
VIIIXM66F The XM66F is an assault tank destroyer that’s ideal for hull-down play. Its devastating gun has a good maximum depression angle, protected by thick frontal turret armor. Its turret rotation is limited, though, so don’t stray too far from allies during battle. This TD is another Large Box prize.
VARMT Large Boxes could also contain this oddity! With its box-like turret and cannon that fits into a groove, the ARMT‘s looks make it stand out. But it also has some surprising stats that surpass vehicles of the same tier and class. It excels in a support or flanking role, using its superb gun depression and elevation to dislodge stubborn enemies from well-protected positions.
VM24 Chaffee No. 594 The M24 Chaffee No. 594 is a Premium version of the American Tech Tree counterpart. It looks sleeker, has bigger wheels, and packs more firepower—but it has a lower top speed. Lurking inside Large Boxes, this vehicle dutifully fulfills the role of scout and will serve a team well.
IVIT-3 The Large Box convoy of brand-new Premium vehicles continued with the IT-3. Historically conceived as a self-propelled anti-tank vehicle equipped with a powerful short-barreled 76 mm cannon, it becomes a fast, feisty, and tenacious flanker in-game.
IIIA7E3 Holiday Ops 2024 Large Boxes could contain the А7Е3, a rather large light tank. Historically, the vehicle’s prototype components were adopted for other vehicles, such as the Matilda and Churchill tanks. The key to success with the А7Е3 is to play it like a tank destroyer and take advantage of its precise cannon and fast reload time.
IIVickers 6 ton The final brand-new Premium vehicle found in Holiday Ops 2024 Large Boxes was the Vickers 6 ton. Use the vehicle’s deliberate pace and single-shot accurate cannon for reliable team support and to clean-up “enemy leftovers” on the battlefield.
IXPatton the Tank 22/12 Players who logged in to the game between December 22 and December 31 found a special gift: Patton the Tank! The American medium came with a special 2D style perfect for the winter holidays.

That’s a wrap for 2023! Thank you for playing with us, and, just in case you missed it, check out our sneak peek at upcoming content planned for 2024!

Roll Out!

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