WoT: Introducing Random Events in Update 1.23

While map environment interaction has always been a fundamental aspect of World of Tanks gameplay, the last significant update occurred back in 2018 with the release of Update 1.0. Since then, we’ve explored various options for the future development of World of Tanks battlefields.

Now, the game has entered a new phase of its evolution with the introduction of Random Events. Initially unveiled during Recon Mission 2023, Random Events passed through all stages of development, including prototyping and testing in the Common Test, and will make their debut on the live servers with the release of Update 1.23.

A Brief Recap of Random Events

Let’s refresh your memory of what Random Events are.

  • Available on four maps: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, and Safe Haven.
  • Occur at specific times, significantly affecting extensive areas of the maps. This impact creates fresh pathways for vehicles, potentially obstructing existing ones, while also establishing new cover and firing positions.

Random Events Are Now Truly Random!

Each event on any of the four maps has its own specific launch probability, which depends on the current combat situation. To avoid disrupting some familiar combat scenarios, Random Events are not guaranteed to happen and may not even occur during battle. Stay vigilant and always keep the situation on the battlefield under control!

  • The Random Event zone will be marked by red smoke. As you approach its border, a warning notification will appear. Upon entering the zone, the countdown to the event launch begins. Use this time to take up the most strategic position within or outside the zone. Be cautious of collisions with large objects generated during the event, as they may destroy your vehicle.

Random Event Scenarios

On each of the following maps, Random Events trigger spectacular changes that transform the battleground and offer a variety of tactical options. Here’s what to expect.

Himmelsdorf: A zeppelin damaged by fighter aircraft breaks into pieces and crashes in the residential area. Additionally, a train rolls into the railway station at the edge of the map and comes under an airstrike.

Prokhorovka: Four planes fly under anti-aircraft fire. Almost in the middle of the map, two central planes take damage, explode, and crash-land on the Prokhorovka alley, creating new cover.

Ruinberg: A group of bombers raid the central square and the surrounding areas, bombarding them, but encounter fire from both air defenses and enemy fighter planes.

Safe Haven: A downed bomber falls onto the bunker’s roof, leading to the collapse of its structure.

Gameplay Tips: How Random Events Change Your Experience

Every Random Event happens for a reason, and all of them reshape the battlefield and change its key positions. It’s up to you to decide how to use them!

  • Exploit New Tactical Opportunities:
    Be aware of previously inaccessible or dangerous positions. In Himmelsdorf, for example, the “Banana” area (squares E7 and F7) might now offer safer passage or provide additional options for positional standoff.
  • Overcome Long-Standing Deadlocks:
    On Prokhorovka, using crushed planes from Random Events as cover can help you apply pressure on the enemy team, breaking their entrenched positions. Now you can enhance your performance in deadlock situations that previously appeared challenging to overcome.
  • Seize Unexpected Opportunities:
    Random Events always bring the element of surprise. They promote dynamic gameplay by encouraging bold moves like flanking enemy lines or launching sudden attacks from unexpected directions.

By default, Random Events are enabled on all four maps. However, you have the option to disable this feature in the game settings using the Maps Under Development checkbox. The location you deselect will still be included in the map roster, but Random Events will not occur on it. Alternatively, you can exclude a specific map.

Technical Stability

Random Events may affect the performance of your devices as they include high-performance visual effects. Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some stability and performance issues (including FPS drops) when Random Events occur.

On low-spec devices, Random Events may be displayed with reduced visual quality, and their individual visual effects may not be fully shown despite complete gameplay.

What’s Next?

Random Events on the four maps are just the beginning. Our efforts involve the gradual redesign of more maps to deliver more dynamic content like this to you, so look out for more developments in the future!

Stay tuned and good luck, Commanders!

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