WoT RU: Answers About The Future Assault Self-Propelled Guns

— Features of the Assault SPG: a hybrid assault tank and self-propelled gun (close combat artillery with a significantly limited firing range and no stun) with thick frontal armor and increased strength.
— Sturm-self-propelled guns qualify as a class of self-propelled guns and are designated by a “square.”

— Sturm self-propelled guns will be balanced according to self-propelled gun rules, that is, up to a maximum of 3 units for the team, along with flamethrower tanks and other artys. But in general, there are some plans to improve the matchmaker.
— The range will be limited approximately like that of a flamethrower tank.
— The sight will be from the trajectory view, a sniper sight is not provided.
— The Assault SPG can fire shells over an obstacle.
— The Assault SPG will not have any colorful visual effects.
— 3D style is already in work.
— There are no plans to remake the current self-propelled guns for the new close range combat arty concept.

26 thoughts on “WoT RU: Answers About The Future Assault Self-Propelled Guns

  1. Can they go into sniper mode like a normal tank?
    Does it have the arty eye in the sky camera view?
    Maybe both?

  2. As much as I will receive hate for this I wish we had a “sturm” version of arty (sturmtiger etc) in the main game. Balanced of course I don’t want it to one shotting Maus. Maybe a splash damage max potential damage and a radial damage reduction depending on how far away from the blast you are. Finally a max potential he damage of 1200 which is on a full pen, the whole benefit of such a huge round would then be quantified as splash with it having a large but reasonable splash radius. Idk someone else would surely want to do such a weapon differently but I really think that with some tweaking a splash round could be fun without being broken. …would also like to see all of the maligned derp guns getting a limited form of this treatment. The fact that derp guns are unused and unplayable in some cases is a crime.

    1. Sturmtiger could very well be added to the German techtree as an “assault” SPG. AFAIK there is a whole line of these on console WoT, WG would not need that much effort to move them on PC as short range frontline support.

  3. To play arty in world of tanks is like jerking off next to your wife , in the wedding night.

    1. I love how strong the whining is despite SPGs being one of the oldest aspects of this game. Keep crying kid, when the servers close you won’t have to deal with SPGs anymore.

        1. I’m not sure how you reached that conclusion tbh, instinct made you type that? It’s a super-common retort after all.

    2. Lol you must be some kind of special if you can’t manage to successfully play arty.
      It must be so embarrassing to know a retard can play arty better than you….

      1. I don’t play arty. Like i said : playing arty in world of tanks is like jerking off next to your wife in the wedding night. I see you are a little…. slow…. , so i type slowly , so you understand me : arty is for wankers, who likes rubbing their dicks in the corner of the map. Such as you. By the way, i was mocking you when i said i type slowly, i know it doesn’t matter if i type faster or slower, is not like when you speak fast. Oh God, i must explain the jokes to the idiots now….. 😢

          1. Oh, look, i hurt another clicker’s feefees. You brought shame and dishonor to your house , wanker.

              1. Nope , i don’t use that garbage. What else do you want, perhaps my picture with dedication?

  4. Lazy-ass playstyle with no risk and reasonable+ reward should never been in a PVP game.
    It causes so much hatred within the community, for no fcking reason.
    Clickers do slow down some extreme tanks in certain scenarios, but what happens more often is that they prevent games from progressing and cause frustration instead.
    There are always people that don’t want to touch their keyboards but in the same time still want to piss on your head, and these people play SPGs.
    You’re frustrated not because you take 300 dmg from clickers, but because you understand how they do that.
    They do with a single left-click.
    You “outplayed” by a single left-click, from the other side of the map.
    And the worst part is, you can’t do shit about it.

    1. Meanwhile in TF2

      Headshot head shot headshot..

      Keep crying kid.

      I hope we get more artillery added to the game now 🙂

    2. This “outplay” and “skill” talk is hypocritical as hell.

      Dude sees E 100 loads gold pens frontal turret but it’s fair.

      Dude is hulldown in Chieftain gets clapped for a couple hundred by SPG cries in forum it’s unfair.

      You nerds are pathetic, if videogames are what they are now it’s also thanks to your shitty complaining. Plenty of publishers out there who crave your insanity for easy profits.

      1. German super HTs get pen by HEAT is something new?
        They’re balanced around gold ammo.
        You know why they’re still performing reasonably well in the current meta?
        I’ve played the Chief less than 50 games but years ago.
        It’s surely broken even after the nerf but it’s not like you can be braindead and still can perform insanely well with the tank.
        Now let’s be real, if you wanna be competitive with tier 10s now, you have to load the gold.
        This situation is formed by years of “balancing” from WG. It profits them and people are accepting it.
        Because WoT players are so full of credits, it’s not a big deal shooting full gold with whatever tank, and most importantly, it’s not like you load your fcking gold and auto-aim auto-pen people.
        It still takes proper positioning and proper aiming.
        In other words, you still need to use your brain, you still need to be good at the game.
        That’s why it’s totally different from the SPGs’ situation.
        SPGs are just for lazy-ass braindeads.
        Why are you defending such a behavior?

    3. In fact, you CAN outplay arties on most maps. There are arty-safe positions, but even in the open field, if you are sitting uphill and the arty is firing perpendicular to the ridge, the odds of getting hit (or even splashed) are minimal.
      For example, how often are you getting hit on the ridge area on Westfield? Or on Mines, when you are 100 m behind the central rock? Don’t know about you, but I get hit less than 10% of the times in these scenarious, which proves that this tactic works.

      1. I highly doubt what you said.
        I play only tier 8+, mainly tier 8 & 10.
        And in my server, clickers have adapted to the new sound mechanics & the Sound Detection perk. They predict your moves. They click you with insane accuracy.
        The only way to protect yourself from clickers is staying unspotted until they fire, and then you’ll have a window to do make some progress.
        Or you can try to dodge them, then get “outplayed”. You can lose half of your HP with just a few clicks.
        All tier 10 SPGs have either very good accuracy or huge splash radius. They either hit you straight in the face for ~300 or splash near you for ~400.

  5. Be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit interested in how it will be implemented and what tanks they’ll add.

    Cause you got the SU-152, ISU-152, Obj704, Obj 268, Obj268v4, Obj263, Obj261 for the Russians, but obviously they aren’t about to rebrand a whole Ru TD line.

    The US line also has the T95

    It feels like it’s goin to be a distinctly German only class

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