WoT Supertest: ISU-122-2

The ISU-122-2 is a Tier VIII Soviet tank destroyer and the second double-barreled tank destroyer in the game.

The vehicle’s most noteworthy feature is its gun system with low salvo preparation time and low time required to lock fire and reload after a salvo. An additional advantage of the ISU-122-2 is its excellent aiming time (2 s) and stabilization.

Its weak armor does not allow the ISU-122-2 to engage in open combat which means playing from cover should be prioritized. However, paired with its high maximum speed (40 km/h) and maneuverability, the ISU-122-2’s firing characteristics determine the vehicle’s gameplay—quickly taking a firing position and delivering a salvo to a target, then preparing the next salvo, switching to single shots, or moving to the next position.

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7 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: ISU-122-2

      1. No it’s not. And it’s especially worse because they write a fake short history about it.

        1. There’s only so many “real” tanks WG can add, and a game like this would die quickly without fresh content (maybe not a permanent death, but the playerbase would shrink considerably, look at Armored Warfare and what happened after they went 100% premium content).

          1. This is why WG don’t listen to no clue players like you.

            WG would be much better balancing existing tanks and maps and making a new permanent game moden other than random battles for 10 years than more and more fake copy and paste tanks…

  1. Would’ve been more interested in KV-7, a double-barrel casemate TD that actually existed. But of course, since it had a pair of 76mm ZiS-5 (the KV-1’s stock gun), that would only have a pricetag of about 10 bucks. Far more profit in making up a Tier VIII tank.

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