WoT RU: Assault Self-Propelled Guns

What it is?
— The assault self-propelled gun is an assault artillery type. Vehicles deal more damage due to the lack of a stun mechanic.

The firing range is significantly limited, which means no bushes in the far corner of the map. These tanks will have to actively move, keeping up with the rest of the team and providing support. It was for this purpose that they were equipped with thick frontal armor and increased strength – hence the “assault” part of the name of the new role of the vehicles.

What will such a machine do in battle?
— Main tasks: supporting the offensive, pushing through the front and shelling key enemy positions.

Why are assault self-propelled guns being introduced?
“This game mechanic will be able to diversify the game, as well as interest two opposites: adrenaline lovers who feel comfortable at the forefront of the attack, and leisurely, thorough, “over-the-horizon” support of the entire team.

Advantages and disadvantages.
– “Firing in an arc” is a characteristic method of dealing damage for self-propelled guns.
– Emphasis on dealing damage, increasing the number of strength points – from assault combat vehicles.
– Strengthening frontal armor and the ability to “tank” the front of the vehicle.
– The stun mechanic does not work.
– Limited firing range compared to classical artillery.
– Vulnerability to more mobile tanks (MTs and LTs).
– The stun mechanic does not work.

The release of the new branch is planned for the first two months of 2024 in WoT RU.

11 thoughts on “WoT RU: Assault Self-Propelled Guns

  1. I’m afraid these won’t work without HEAT or AP, or with a complete reversal of the HE nerfs (which is very unlikely, or the hulldown kids will whine nonstop). Still a really interesting concept, howitzers as support close to the frontlines are already a thing in War Thunder and they work, though they are really wonky vehicles no self-respected tryhard would play.

    Meanwhile on EU/NA/ASIA we get nothing except more prem ammo wanking…

    1. Leave this bizarre stuff right where it is. Not needed in NA. Lots of more important things are needed.

      1. Arty that can’t stun and can’t fire all the way across the map? Nah, I’d love to see that in WOT.

  2. Arty should be removed completely . Or, at least WG should make a PVE mode, where the clickers should click on bots, to their little black heart’s content and let the regular players play against normal tanks.

    1. Gold spammers are so much worse than artillery players, it’s 2023 and people still don’t understand this.

      1. lmaoo yes because gold spammers can hit you without having to aim, be exposed to return fire, they dont have to leave the cap circle, and generally arent just outplaying your whiny ass.
        the entire game is balanced around premium ammo buddy, if you arent shooting gold, you are just a fucking handicap. arty’s point is to punish ppl who try to play the game, yeah really good mechanic. maybe get better and your winrate goes above 48%, and your opinion wont be a fucking joke

      2. Don’t get me wrong, i dislike the gold spam too, and i hope some day, somehow WG will make something about it. But i don’t despise the gold spammers like i despise clickers.

      1. Ah, the old and cheap argument “you don’t know how to play arty safe”. Maybe you should learn how to press “W” instead.

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