The Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion Event Summary

  • Battles take place in the 6v1 format on one of the following three lightly redesigned maps: Redshire, Siegfried Line, and Steppes.
  • Before entering battle, you can choose one of the sides in the conflict.
  • A Fair Experience: In this event, players will meet with equal peers in terms of skill to offer equal chances for everyone to complete the Progression and to protect new players from bad experiences.

  • The Harrier Squad—as either a team of six random players or a Platoon of up to three players (Dynamic Platoons are allowed)—will rush into battle in the following extensively modified special vehicles: the Pojistka (TVP 50/51), Foudre (Bat.-Châtillon 25 t), Resistor (Object 140), and Thunderbolt (M48A5 Patton).
  • Ermelinda will face them in the Blitzträger auf E 110, an incredibly powerful tank destroyer manned by a single player. It will be backed by AI-controlled guards called Sentinels.
  • Hyperion is a new weapon of the Blitzträger auf E 110, and it is capable of destroying any tank in mere seconds. The only defense against it is to flee its area of impact. And you’ll have only a few seconds to do so.
  • Each team has its own objective: The Harrier Squad must disable the Blitzträger auf E 110’s protective energy shield and destroy this vehicle within the allotted time, and the Blitzträger auf E 110 must hold out until time expires.
  • To enter battle in the Blitzträger auf E 110, you need to have a Key. You can earn it while playing the game mode or receive it as a bonus from special bundles in the Premium Shop. Keep reading to find out about one more way to get a Key for the Blitzträger auf E 110!
  • Complete special combat missions in the event to get Stamps that will gradually fill the Progression meter. The event’s Progression consists of 20 Stages. Upon reaching each Stage, you will receive rewards, including cool customization items, Waffenträger auf E 100 rentals with which to enter Random Battles, bonds, the Engineer’s and Harriers’ Starters, and more.
  • Special combat missions keep your progress throughout the event, and you can get back to completing them during all event days.
  • In addition to the rewards that you will receive for completing the Progression Stages, you can also get valuable loot through Gates. The most coveted prizes are Premium and reward vehicles, including the following three brand-new ones:
    • KJPZ TIII Jäger, a Tier IX Premium German tank destroyer
    • Jagdtiger Prototype, a Tier VIII Premium German assault tank destroyer
    • The Object 283, a well-known and sleek reward Tier IX Soviet medium tank
  • These—along with nine other Premium vehicles—can only be obtained from the Engineer’s Gate with a certain drop rate. Plus, you can rent the legendary Waffenträger auf E 100 to fight in Random Battles!
  • The Engineer’s Starters are special in-game items you can earn during the event to activate the Engineer’s Gate, which contains cool Premium and reward vehicles, as well as other valuable loot.
  • There are also the Harriers’ Starters for activating the Harriers’ Gate, which has a chance of dropping useful in-game goodies, such as cool 2D styles and other customizations, plus Personal Reserves, days of WoT Premium Account, and more.

Mod Performance During the Event

Popular mods may cause performance issues during the Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion event. To prevent this from happening, please play without mods or update them.

How to Start Playing

  1. In your Garage, choose the “The Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion” mode in the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle!” button.
  2. Click the event banner in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the interactive 3D portal in your Garage.

The Harriers

The Alliance is once again on the trail of the von Krieger family and has discovered the coordinates of their base, where the Harrier Squad was immediately sent. Only this time, the Alliance has added one more tank to their roster, which now lists four powerful vehicles. The new Harrier Squad has received new abilities, which will help cause splash damage and slowly regenerate HP.

The Harrier Squad consists of six battle Harriers who will have to take on the extremely powerful Blitzträger auf E 110. You will have the following four special vehicles to choose from in the event Garage:

  • The Pojistka, a mid-range support vehicle
  • The Resistor, a versatile multi-role tank
  • The Thunderbolt, a slow tank with decent turret and frontal armor and a formidable gun
  • The Foudre, a speedy tank with an autoloader that sacrifices armor and survivability for greater dynamics

Choose one of them and click the “Battle!” button to take on Ermelinda’s incredibly powerful combat monster!

How to Play

The Blitzträger auf E 110, manned by Ermelinda, will be protected by an almost impenetrable energy shield, so it doesn’t make much sense to shoot at it while this shield is active. Additionally, it is immune to fire and damage to modules and tracks. There are six Generators in a row on the battlefield, and each one can be overcharged right after you deal with the Sentinel bots protecting it.

When a Generator is overcharged, all Harriers on the battlefield will receive one Plasma charge. Collect one charge of Plasma with each overcharged Generator, up to a maximum of four. Each Plasma charge will cause +25% damage for all forms of damage (except ramming). With four Plasma charges, a bonus of up to +100% damage will be provided. Plasma is completely lost upon the destruction of the vehicle, so be careful.

Fight in packs of three or four vehicles and coordinate your efforts to overload Generators, which will disable Ermelinda’s shield for a certain length of time. Once the Blitzträger auf E 110 is temporarily without its protective shield, you will have some time to cause full damage to it—and don’t forget to use your unique Combat Abilities! After that, the shield will be restored, and you’ll need to overload another Generator.

There are always three Generators present on the battlefield at a given time. Overcharged Generators disappear and respawn after one minute in a new position. After overloading and destroying the sixth and final Generator, the shield on Ermelinda’s machine will be permanently disabled, so take this opportunity to finish the job. But if the timer runs out with the Blitzträger still operational, Ermelinda wins. Focus on overcharging the Generators to get closer to destroying the Blitzträger auf E 110.

Here’s what happens when each Generator is overcharged:

  • +1 minute of game time will be added to the game
  • All Harriers on the battlefield will fully restore their HP
  • All Harriers on the battlefield will receive one charge of Plasma
  • The Blitzträger will overcharge, taking damage over a certain amount of time. The Blitzträger cannot be destroyed by this type of damage
  • The Blitzträger’s shield will be down for almost a minute, allowing the Harriers to deal full damage to Ermelinda
  • All Blitzträger’s abilities will be disabled for almost a minute

Always keep in mind that the Blitzträger auf E 110 can charge Hyperion to strike from any point of the map, and it can also teleport to a selected point on the map (with some delay). When the protective shield disappears, Teleportation and Hyperion become temporarily unavailable, and after the destruction of the sixth Generator, these abilities are locked.

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