Waffenträger – Projekt Hyperion: Progression Rewards and Loot Box Contet

Rush Into Random Battles in the Iconic Waffenträger auf E 100!

Complete special missions in the event battles to earn Stamps that will gradually fill the Progression meter. The Progression system consists of 20 Stages, and you need 10 Stamps to complete each Progression Stage. On the progression screen, you will see how many Stamps you still have to earn to complete the Stage and grab the reward.

Reaching each new Stage awards you valuable in-game items, including the following:

  • Two unique female crew members with exclusive voiceovers (upon completion of the 10th and 19th Progression Stages)
  • Imposing event-themed customizations (an emblem, decals, inscriptions, and camos)
  • The Engineer’s and Harriers’ Starters
  • Bonds
  • Days of WoT Premium Account

But most importantly, upon completion of the final 20th Stage, you will have the opportunity to rent the legendary Waffenträger auf E 100 for five Random Battles!

You will receive the very iconic and incredibly powerful Waffenträger auf E 100, a Tier X German tank destroyer that was removed from the game in 2016. If you have previously played in this formidable predator, your daily statistics for this vehicle will be recorded in all Random Battles. You can also obtain additional Waffenträger battles as loot from the Engineer’s Gate with a certain drop rate.

Platoons with the Waffenträger auf E 100 are not allowed.

You will be able to play your battles in the rented Waffenträger auf E 100 even after the end of the event until October 15 at 06:00 CEST (UTC+2). After that, however, this living legend will be removed from your account, and all unplayed battles will disappear with no compensation. The unique and trained crew for the Waffenträger auf E 100 is fixed and cannot be removed from the vehicle.

Gates and Rewards

For completing event missions and certain Progression Stages, and also for defeating the rare Blitzträger auf E 220, you will receive two types of Starters, which are needed for activating Gates. Through activated Gates, you will be able to get valuable loot.

You can earn the Harriers’ Starters for completing event missions and Progression milestones while playing in Harrier Squad vehicles. These Starters will allow you to activate the Harriers’ Gate, which will drop a guaranteed prize from the list below:

  • Credits
  • Personal Reserves
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Consumables
  • Demounting Kits
  • Garage slots

Plus, you have a chance to get customization items from previous Waffenträger events.

By completing missions while playing in the Blitzträger auf E 110, you will earn the Engineer’s Starters. These Starters are used to activate the Engineer’s Gate.

You can also get the Engineer’s Starters upon completing certain Progression milestones, as well as for free with each special bundle in the Premium Shop.

You are guaranteed to receive 100 gold each time you activate the Engineer’s Gate for the first time, which can also be used to replace your reward (more on this below).

Upon each activation, the Engineer’s Gate may bring you in-game items from four different categories, each of which has its own drop rate. First, you will receive a guaranteed item from the following list:

  • Credits
  • Personal Reserves
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Crew Books
  • Demounting Kits

If Lady Luck is on your side, you also have a 10% chance to get Special 2D “Microchip”, “Great Hunt” and “Blitztech” styles:

And a 5% chance to get an imposing Harrier-themed 3D style for the XTVP T 50/51  ,  XObject 140  , XBat.-Châtillon 25 t  , or XM48A5 Patton  . Each 3D style can only drop once.

But the most coveted rewards are the rare Tier VIII and IX Premium and reward vehicles, including new and very rare ones. Check them out:

  • The KJPZ TIII Jäger, a Tier IX Premium German tank destroyer, is a nimble mobile sniper with great gun handling and accuracy. Similar in appearance and layout to the Waffenträger auf Pz. IV and the Grille 15, already in the game, this TD also shares similar characteristics to them. The Jäger can’t boast any significant armor as it focuses on shooting and mobility.
  • The Object 283 is a reward Tier IX rear-turreted Soviet medium tank with a high DPM. This tank has an unusual layout for a medium tank with rear turret placement. Despite its similarities to the branch of Soviet sniper medium tanks with the K-91 up top, its characteristics are closer to those of the Object 430. It has a strong front hull and turret armor, as well as impressive thick sides strengthened with screens
  • The Jagdtiger Prototype, a Tier VIII Premium German assault TD, wields a powerful 128 mm gun. This modification of the Jagdtiger is equipped with the 12.8 cm Pak 44/1 L/55 gun. The general concept of the vehicle is the same as that of its more powerful version: unimpeded destruction of enemy vehicles with the help of its excellent gun.

Apart from these menacing hunters, you may receive a Premium vehicle—one that you do not have in your Garage yet—with a Garage slot from the following list with a 2% drop rate:

  • IXT54 Heavy Tank  : A tier IX American heavy tank. It`s fitted with “only” a 120 mm cannon, but it can easily hold its own against peers with larger calibers. The impressive 450 HP of alpha damage proves that size doesn’t matter, and a 240 mm penetration value will get the job done.
  • VIIIK-2  : Armed with a 122 mm cannon, the K-2 is geared for close-quarter combat. The tank’s accuracy (0.42 m), 390 HP of alpha damage, and 6 degrees of gun depression are comparable to other same-tier Soviet heavies that thrive on exchanging blows.
  • VIIICS-52 LIS  : An outstanding versatile Tier VIII Polish Premium medium tank which features a 105mm gun with an even better shell penetration value along with a decent reload time to boot.
  • VIIIObject 274a  : A Tier VIII Soviet medium tank. While the gun of this vehicle is not so accurate, the huge DPM and decent armor makes it a perfect choice for close combat.
  • VIIIM-IV-Y  : A strong and reliable Tier VIII American heavy tank with solid armor and a 105 mm gun.
  • VIIIShPTK-TVP 100  : A Tier VIII Czechoslovakian tank destroyer is a mobile sniper, able to quickly relocate where needed and destroy enemy vehicles with a fast-firing 100mm gun.
  • VIIIStrv 81  : A Tier VIII Swedish medium tank with a good turret armor and a precise gun with an excellent penetration and shell velocity.
  • VIIIISU-152K  : A Tier VIII Soviet tank destroyer featuring the highest penetrating gun with 750 HP of damage per shot among all tier VIII vehicles.
  • VIIIFV1066 Senlac  : A Tier VIII British light tank with a decent sharpshooting gun and high DPM.

Finally, the Engineer’s Gate has a chance of dropping 10 Random Battles in the legendary Waffenträger auf E 100*!

10 rental battles in the Waffenträger auf E 100 may drop no more than five times per account.
There will be a special guaranteed vehicle counter in the game client. Each time you get a Premium or reward tank, the counter is reset, and the countdown to the next vehicle drop starts over. After you receive all the vehicles, this counter will become unavailable.

The Engineer’s Gate: How It Works

  • When a vehicle drops from the Engineer’s Gate, a slot in the Garage is credited first, and then information about it will be displayed in the in-game notification center.
  • If you receive a vehicle that is already in your Garage, it will be replaced by another vehicle from the above list that you don’t already have in your Garage.
  • If you already have all the vehicles from the list, you will be compensated the cost of the dropped tank in gold.
  • If you have sold a Premium vehicle from the above list and it can be restored using the in-game Vehicle Restoration tool, it may drop from the Engineer’s Gate at the standard drop rate.

Guaranteed Vehicle Mechanics

If you spent 49 Engineer’s Starters but still did not receive a Premium vehicle, then with the 50th activation of the Engineer’s Gate, you are guaranteed to receive a random Premium tank that you don’t have already from the list above, as well as a Garage slot.

If you already have all the vehicles from the list in your Garage, then the guaranteed vehicle mechanics will be disabled.

7 thoughts on “Waffenträger – Projekt Hyperion: Progression Rewards and Loot Box Contet

  1. Jager is best described as a Grille 15 with an enclosed crew compartment and a Leopard 1 gun. It’s not bad, but overall the pool of premiums in this event is quite lukewarm.

    1. Collector reporting in, I’m excited to finally get the object I’ve been missing. Kpz Hager looks fun to play too.

      1. I’m not a collector but I too look positively at Jager and Object 283 (the latter’s distribution during the 2022 holidays was a meme). Too bad there’s so much padding. 🙁

        1. ‘whale noises’, I both agree and disagree with your point. As long as the content is balanced I’m happy, but things like the bz-176 are definitely in need of nerf immediately. Besides can I really be called a whale if it took me ten years to collect it all? A true whale would have bought it all day 1. I would call myself an investor. I love the game and I Invest into it. I want my investment to be used wisely and to be something fun for all. That is all.

  2. Another German sniper with crazy good accuracy, but it’s still bad XD
    Since this thing has 420 alpha, there’s no other tank to compare than the LeoPTA.
    – LeoPTA’s gun is better with massively better stabilization, better shell velocity, better gun depression, 360 turret instead of that poorly 30/30 turret, and superb HE.
    – LeoPTA is so much faster, even if you choose to drop one equipment and put a Turbo on the Jager.
    – Camo/Viewrange is a bit up and down but doesn’t really matter.
    – Both tanks have no armor, but the Jager gets HE-ed in the face while the LeoPTA gets HE only from the sides.
    That’s it, we’re still in the “garbage age” of tier 9 premiums.

    1. One thing I forgot to mention that is APCR standard/gold of the LeoPTA almost doesn’t reduce effectiveness over distance while AP/APCR of the Jager loses a lot of pen at long range.
      – AP: 268 at 100m -> 249 at 500m.
      – APCR: 326 at 100m -> 270 at 500m.
      Meanwhile, LeoPTA:
      – APCR standard: 278 -> 268.
      – APCR gold: 323 -> 315.
      You’ll feel the massive difference when you need to snipe heavily armored tanks at higher distances.

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