WoT: Will Waffenträger Return in 2024?

Waffenträger’s fate for 2024 is currently full of uncertainty. According to preliminary information, the fan game mode is to be launched again next year, but this will also be the end of a certain stage of the story, analogous to the Mirny-13 event this year. Additional improvements are expected and perhaps a final resolution of the Waffenträger’s future as a tank.

12 thoughts on “WoT: Will Waffenträger Return in 2024?

  1. Dont get too excited. The tank isn’t the waffle of old nor would they bring it back that way. Think of it as an autoloading skorp which would still be pretty fun.

    1. The waffle of old missing much more than what has been taken from it in the nerfs. The game has changed a lot since than and most of those changes were agains the waffle. Like the rebalance of the hit-distribution inside the aiming circle. In the time of the waffle at least 50% of the shots went into the bullseye. More faster tanks with good HE also not a good thing sitting in a tank with huge, paper-thin turret.

  2. WG saw WTF E100 didn’t destroy the matchmaking in the current meta, ther are giving rentals for free (and in the loot boxes, as well) again, so they definitely want to bring it back to the random queue, possibly forever, in one shape or another.

    There are two ways they will bring it back to the game. The lazier and more probable one is to just sell it in auction/black market event for an insane ammount of gold or bonds (I’d say the minimum bid would be more than 30k gold or 80k bonds). The other way, which is very unlikely, is to create a mini-branch of autoloading german paper-thin TDs. They could branch off from St. Emil (if WG make a tier 8 and a tier 9 vehicle), or from Rhm. Borsig WT, if they manage only with a tier 9.

    1. I’d say for a closed auction they didn’t even had to set the minimum bid high. They just limit the number to like 1000-10.000 pieces and the collectors and whales of old will do the job for them.

      1. That I remembet, the wt12 is in game files (prem version of the wt e100) and in the china server they sold it. I dont think that they work in a tech tree version for free. The same tank they can sold it for 10x price in an auction… Thebest way that, they put in a bond shop, and “everyone” can use it if they want.

  3. the best way is to put it in a bond shop i agree
    but to sell it for the real money would show us how truly greedy they are for money and carless about the game

    1. You still need more evidence of this??
      If people cannot already see how greedy WG are then they will never see.
      I bet you believe ” things have to get worse before they get better” 🙄

  4. well I want rebalance Grille 15 like this way

    Gun traverse range (°) -50/50
    Waffenträger auf Pz. IV,12,8 cm Kanone L/61,
    Aim time (sec) 1.5s
    Dispersion 0.29
    Penetration (mm) 279/323,AP/APCR
    Shell velocity:1200m/s,1500m/s
    Reload time (sec):20s
    Clip size:2
    Intra-clip reload: 2s

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