WoT: KJPZ TIII Jäger and Jagdtiger Prototype Changes

KJPZ TIII Jäger (Germany, Tier-9, TD, premium)

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• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Testing”.
• Tank price in gold: from 100 to 11,300 gold
• Tank repair cost: from 16,500 to 9,900 credits

Jagdtiger Prototype (Germany, Tier-8, TD, premium).

• Removed tank tag: “Secret”
• Added tank tag: “Accounting for the St. John’s wort medal”
• Tank price in gold: from 100 to 8,250 gold

17 thoughts on “WoT: KJPZ TIII Jäger and Jagdtiger Prototype Changes

  1. Ah yes the jag prototype the replacement of the jag88 owners could get but decided that so we need to be fucked over more..

    1. That’s your fault for buying the Jtiger 8.8, not like the 8.8 is bad anyways, it’s like all the other pref mm premiums, designed to be mid at best.

    2. What’s the problem with the JTiger 8.8 cm? It has the 3rd highest DPM of all tier 8 TDs (only ISU-130 and Turtle have more), its reload can be brought to sub 4s with standard equipment (you will permanantly track everything), has 0.31 base dispersion (you can snipe, if needed) and has preferential MM to top it all.

      The only truly bad parameters are AP and APCR penetration (pref MM counters this) and the bad hull armour (Jagdtiger at tier 9 is decent with the same hull though). Sure, you can’t pen the turret of a BZ-176 with gold, but this TD is not meant to do so.

    1. People who think Tigermaus is bad don’t play this game, or are part of the problem – tanks like Tigermaus are WG’s “sell the solution” way of addressing the gold ammo cancer. If gold ammo is used so much, might as well make tanks that are hard to damage even with gold ammo. The free2play community will suffer due to this, but WG never gave a shit about them.

      1. Nobody cares about free to play
        Problem is gold ammo
        nerf it and it will no longer be a problem
        nerf the tiger maus pre release , and nobody would buy it
        WG is in shit situation ? No because they will sell it as its leaked and nobody would give a fuck of it beeiny broken. WHY ? because its not a fking tier 8 that would break stronghold like the BZ 176 DID

        1. WG is not in a “shit situation”, but serious changes to gold ammo is badly needed. MT/LT players rush to HT areas and win due to spamming gold, the high DPM does the rest, and maps are so small you can’t even blame them as there is no space to flank so what do they do, roll and die? I also laugh at all the dumbass retards who cry HE was no skill but gold ammo is – where is the skill with gold ammo, start a match with gold ammo loaded and pay your way to victory? That’s where the BZ problem is – HESH will let BZ trade effectively vs higher tiers and dominate vs same/lower tiers, and how do you shoot HESH? By paying an extra fee.

          Problem is gold ammo nerf it and it will no longer be a problem

          If only it was so simple. Several tanks would need armor nerfs, and the community is too pea-brained to know how to play without gold ammo by now, take it away and I bet a lot will leave the game because they can’t win easy like they used to. Also gold ammo spam lowers premium tank profitability which is also good for WG, means players are forced to pay for prem account and even buy credit packs.

  2. Crying about “gold ammo” lmao
    This isn’t 2019.
    The only players crying about that are 43% players like you.

    1. Stats obtained via gold ammo spam are bullshit, wish more people woke up to that fact – if I get a MoE with gold ammo on one tank, and get the same MoE on the same tank with standard ammo, who’s the more skilled player? Conveniently nobody thinks about this – “everything to win more”, as some retards in this community think. Those same retards who led this game to ruin with their unhealthy obsession for internet numbers.

      Also, gold ammo was already spammed in 2019, you’d have to go back a few more years for when gold spammers were derided as cringe tryhards (which they still are, but by now many of the good guys left the game in disgust).

      1. Premium ammo is so cheap. Players are drowning in credits. As proved by black market events.
        So of course players will use premium ammo because there is no reason not to when the penetration is higher.

        1. Very hard to judge auctions and BM as representative of the community, considering the number of items available for purchase is very limited when compared to server population. If we were to think that way, a small minority of players decides for everyone else, which is not what should happen.

          And no, premium ammo is not cheap at all. People who make WoT their day job, or play nothing else, or buy one Fort Knox pack every week, obviously have no shortage of credits. Everyone else? Maybe in some fairytale SerB wrote while drunk.

          1. Read the forums.
            Even “useless” players have tens of millions of credits.
            There are many players who have all the tanks they want. All the crews and equipment they want and just acculumate credits….
            If u are not turning a credit profit then the problem is you..

            1. I quit the forum years ago when I noticed the tryhards became the loudest crowd lol, it went from a nice place to talk about the game to a toxic swamp where people fight over who has the longer pp.

              You’re also contradicting yourself there – how is one supposed to make good profits in a pay2play environment? Gold ammo spam harms premium tanks, can’t make good credits if you’re shooting gold all the time after all.

    2. I don’t cry about gold ammo, I just think it’s stupid – you have basically 2 shell types – main (gold) and supplementary (HE), because gold is better in every single way (on 95% of the tanks, except Cobra, Cent. 7/1, SU-100Y and a few more).

      I hate to repeat this statement but, hell, it’s true – look at WoT Blitz – their development team had the guts to nerf premium ammo to do less damage than standard but keep its higher pen. And the community is happily playing the game!
      They tried to do it on PC a couple of years ago by increasing the alpha of all AP, HE, as well as HP in general (extremely weird solution) and the community said: “Maus, Type 5H, Defender, etc. will be more OP than ever”. This can be fixed by an overhaul rebalancing, which has to include premium tanks as well.

      As a conclusion I’d say – if you are too pissed by the extensive gold spam on PC, just play Blitz.

      1. I am indeed pissed that a game that was so important to me has gone to shit.

        In part I put the blame on WG, though I suspect many decisions that harmed the game come from the board of investors and not from the developers themselves – the former are exclusively concerned with profits, and have little clue about what WoT is about (except maybe, some generic understanding that it’s a PVP online game about tanks).

        However, I also blame that part of the community who’s always been concerned with easy wins, exploiting the system, and things like WN8 and MoE (remember, WN8 was made by players, that is exclusively on them). At first these morons were rightfully ridiculed, but over the years people left the game and those who were vilified became rulers, and WoT as it is now is the result of them steering the game. You want to blame something for BZ-176? Go complain to the MoE farmers.

        As a conclusion I’d say – if you are too pissed by the extensive gold spam on PC, just play Blitz.

        I tried it at some point and it was nice, but couldn’t bring myself to start over from scratch. 🙁

        1. It’s just a pastime. It’s not a job or life or death.
          Take it or leave it.
          Don’t enjoy it then move on.
          I don’t enjoy falling over. So I try and avoid doing so. I don’t keep trying to fall over incase i might get enjoyment.
          So why keep playing??

          1. So why keep playing??

            The pros (very pretty-looking game, fun and simple enough gameplay) outweigh the cons (toxic af online community, pay2win ammo).

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