WoT 1.22 Common Test: Proposed Changes To Cliff

Several adjustments have been implemented to get rid of some overly advantageous positions and to make playing on the map more comfortable.

The center of the map is now less exposed to fire from the southern side’s base (the J3 square) which will make life easier for heavies coming from the north.

The stone in the G5 square has been made larger, to block a line of fire that had been used to hit heavily armored vehicles. A house has been added to the G6 square to protect against attacks made from the H9 square, mirroring the tactical setup on the opposing side of the map.

11 thoughts on “WoT 1.22 Common Test: Proposed Changes To Cliff

  1. The first problem of this map is Line 1,2 and 3.
    The second problem of this map is E3,E4,F3 and F4.
    No matter what changes you make to the map, it still won’t work.
    Those zones must be redesigned from scratch.

  2. Why losing time “refining” maps instead of adding new “unrefined” ones?. We need variety, we are bored of playing same maps again and again.

  3. we already got new ones, Oyster Bay and Outpost…
    They should bring back the old maps for example Charkow or Minsk.

    1. Exactly! Kharhov and Minsk maps have absolutely nothing to do with the real-world cities and world conflicts. It was just a braindead decision form WG to remove them!

      P.S.: Please, bring back Sacred Valley and Swamp – these were my favourites! Miss them to this day!

      1. First Minsk was trash, but the reworked version was good fun. Sadly plenty of idiots out there would accuse WG of propaganda because Minsk is associated with Lukasenko and his regime.

        Karkiv on the other hand was the opposite – first iteration was good, rework was terrible and I’m glad it’s gone.

        Agree on Swamp, would also re-add South Coast and remove Berlin, Studzianki, Erlenberg and Empire’s Border.

  4. I don’t understand why wg want to balance every map.
    For every map that’s balanced for one team they’ll be a map that’s balanced for the other team.
    So overall win or lose potential will balance out. And that not considering team tank distribution and player skill distribution

  5. I swear to god people will complain about the most random things. This map was unbalanced and not fun to play from either side for different reasons, most of which were addressed here. 1) southern spawn absolutely shits on the middle. Tds would literally move 2 meters to get easy shots into the mid. 2) From the south spawn, arty absolutely shits on you. Both of these have been addressed which is good. People who are saying that they want new maps, wg has been consistently adding new maps into the game. That doesn’t mean unbalanced maps should be left alone, how does that make any fucking sense.

    1. Exactly, they need to fix a lot of current maps so they can actually be enjoyable to play on, the mountains pass rework is a great example of wg leveling the playing field for both teams, north spawn just shits on south spawn on the 1 line and if you just hold the top side of ice road you easily prevent a full push, and you can fall further back if they do manage to push onto you and have great cover and hulldown spots, about the only time south spawn was ever better or equal to north spawn was if you camp your spawn.

      People who are complaining about wg fixing current issues rather than leaving them alone and adding in more mediocre shit onto the current pile of unfun garbage need to actually engage the singular braincell they have and realize wg taking action right now is a good thing.

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