WoT 1.22 Common Test: Proposed Changes To Live Oaks

The map has received a few changes to improve the overall playing experience.

The approaches to the city blocks from both the northern (squares A5 and A6) and the southern (squares C1 and D1) bases have been reworked, making them safer for slow vehicles.

More cover has been added to the A7, E0, and F0 squares to create more variability when attacking and defending the northern base.

A swampy area in the K8 square has been dried up to give the southern side the same range of tactical opportunities that their opponents enjoy.

Heavies can now clash with more convenience due to a slight expansion of the city block in the A3 square and several destructible buildings in the A2 square made indestructible.

4 thoughts on “WoT 1.22 Common Test: Proposed Changes To Live Oaks

  1. let me guess…
    Making all the map safe for heavies, so they can cross without being shooted by TDs and sniper at all and they can simple win battles even in open maps?
    amazing design WG

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