WoT 1.22 Common Test: Proposed Changes To Murovanka

Several map balancing changes have been introduced, making the overall situation better than before for the southern team.

The sniping position in the J9 square has been improved.

The route toward the forest in the H7 and G8 squares has been made safer.
With the changes in terrain shape, the position in the F8 square has become better protected.

The spot in the F9 square is now safe from fire from the hill in the E8 square.

There is now less foliage in the D0, F0, and G0 squares, so firing over positions there is easier.

The road, the hill, and the bushes in the E6 and E7 squares have been moved southward to even out the balance for those playing in light tanks.

In the Encounter mode, the base has been moved into the E2 and F2 squares. Vehicle spawning points have been repositioned closer to the hills.

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